21 Jul 20

“I always feel protected with MePACS.” – Clarice

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Clarice has enjoyed the peace of mind and independence that MePACS provides since 2017. At 84, she knows how important her safety and security are while she continues to live in her own home.

“I always feel protected with my MePACS personal alarm, whether I’m sitting in my favourite chair or out in my front garden. At the touch of a button, you have understanding people who respond quickly and efficiently to a medical emergency.”

Unfortunately, Clarice had a bad fall at home in March and spent a week in hospital to recover.

“I walked through an outdoor carpet which was wet. I was only wearing my socks, and when I came inside, I slipped on the tiles in the house and injured my wrists and back,” she said.

I was luckily wearing my MePACS personal alarm and was able to press the button to call for help.”

Wearing her MePACS personal alarm on her wrist, Clarice is grateful for its familiarity and ease of use.

“The base unit is right beside my chair in the lounge room and I wear my pendant all the time. It is so convenient because it’s just where I need it to get help and I already feel looked after as soon as I press the button.”

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Although she has the confidence to go about her day with little worry, Clarice says having a monitored personal alarm is essential for unexpected medical emergencies.

“Everyone should have a MePACS personal alarm. I thought I was pretty safe in my own home but you forget that accidents happen when you least know it.”

“You don’t go about your home and think ‘I’m going to fall over, or burn myself, or cut myself on this window that I’m cleaning because it’s cracked and about to break…These things don’t happen all the time but if they do, I know MePACS will call for the emergency assistance that I need.

“I don’t have to worry so much about what would happen if I was hurt and required help.”

MePACS have been trusted by seniors for over 30 years. With such commitment to senior health and safety, our care and support has allowed thousands of clients to remain in their own homes for longer.

“I feel very cared for, knowing I have help almost immediately from MePACS. I live alone, so it is very reassuring to know they are always there for me.”

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now