23 Aug 21

“I would certainly recommend MePACS to others like myself.” – Clement

MePACS Team | Clients , NDIS , Testimonials

Our client Clement lives in regional Victoria and loves working as a local radio presenter. Living on his own with a disability, he is grateful to rely on MePACS when he needs emergency assistance.  

Personal alarms are for people from all walks of live – from seniors and adults with compromised immune systems to young people living with a disability and even lone workers out in the community, safety is a number one priority.  

“I nearly went into cardiac arrest in 2016 so a MePACS alarm was arranged through the hospital. I’m also legally blind and have fibromyalgia and epilepsy so I can be prone to medical emergencies.” 

“I love my independence, so I don’t want to have to worry my family when they aren’t close enough to help. Having a MePACS alarm puts my family’s mind at ease, especially with them living a few hours away.” 

“There were a couple of times before I had a MePACS medical alarm when I needed to call an ambulance and I had to do it myself while I was feeling really unwell. Now I’ve got this personal alarm around my neck at home, so all I need to do is press the button and MePACS will answer very quickly.” 

MePACS personal alarms are lightweight, convenient and easy-to-use safety devices for many of our clients who have a disability. As an approved NDIS provider, we have trained professionals available 24/7 to respond to your alert if you need help – guaranteed.  

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“Knowing that the MePACS response team are trained in emergency response and available 24/7 gives me and my family peace of mind.” 

“I would certainly recommend MePACS to others like myself. A monitored personal alarm with real people answering and asking if you need help is very reassuring, because you know they care about your safety and can get the right kind of help. A MePACS alarm isn’t just for seniors, but for people with disabilities or other health conditions – you know we want our independence like anyone else.” 

Clement not only appreciates the personalised yet professional service from our MePACS response team, but that we also offer a welfare check in the form of our ‘daily call service’ – where our clients press their alarm unit between 6am and 11am every day to let us know they are up and about.  

 “One of the best things about MePACS is the customer service that you receive. The response team are always very friendly, they never mind when I accidentally press the alarm or if I forget to press the daily call button in the morning. They’re very understanding.” 

With his two black fluffy cats keeping him company, Clement also enjoys providing timely updates about the weather for the local region on radio and social media. 

Joining MePACS gives our clients with a disability the safety and security they deserve. Call our friendly team on 1800 685 329 for more information on our personal alarms or Join Now.