25 Mar 21

“If it wasn’t for mum’s MePACS alarm we don’t believe she would be here today.” – Sue

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For the carers of seniors, people living with disabilities or those with medical conditions, it can be quite worrying to wonder how they would get essential help in a medical emergency while living on their own.

“I can’t speak highly enough of this service. Their friendly caring staff play an important role in helping our elderly stay in their homes longer. It’s not just the service they provide, it’s the caring way they treat their customers and their families.” 

Sue’s dad Keith had a history of strokes and was on a number of medications for blood thinners.  He’s had the MePACS alarm service for several years before relocating to an aged care facility in February 2020. He was a great advocate for MePACS and knew he could rely on the service as he had called for emergency assistance on numerous occasions.

“Dad couldn’t say enough about the staff and the service they provided. He needed assistance on a number of occasions and the staff were very professional and caring. He also was pretty chuffed about a birthday card he received with everyone’s signatures, such a personal touch.”

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Unfortunately, Keith passed away in March 2020 and Sue’s Mum Marion is now living independently. Both Sue and her family had no hesitation in organising for her mum to have the MePACS service set up in her home. It was only in February that Sue tells us that she believes the MePACS quick response service saved her mums life;

 “We believe that her life was recently saved because she was able to get help when she fell over at home. She was bleeding profusely and my brother wasn’t due to visit until later in the day. If it wasn’t for mum being able to use the alarm to get help we believe she wouldn’t be with us now.” 

Sue also tells us how her mother in law is now also a MePACS client as they needed the same reassurance that she was safe living at home; “My husband and I suggested getting an alarm because of what happened with mum and we tell others about the value of having a MePACS personal alarm.”

With just a single, quick press of the alarm button, our clients are connected to our friendly trained emergency response operators, who can identify the necessary help required and call the most relevant contact – which can either be 000 or a carer.

Our range of personal alarms not only give peace of mind and confidence to our clients but also reassurance to their family members – if their loved one needs help quickly, they can rely on MePACS to be there anytime day or night 24/7.

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mepacs home and mobile unit

MePACS Home Alarm:

Our MePACS home speaker unit and comfortable pendant that can either be worn on the wrist or around the neck. With a radius of around 70 metres, or from the letterbox to the back fence, the MePACS home alarm brings comfort to many senior clients who want to remain independent in their own home.

MePACS Mobile Alarm:

It’s ideal for those who enjoy an independent lifestyle as the the MePACS Mobile alarm can go anywhere with you. You can go to the shops, visit friends or even go on holiday anywhere in Australia. Our mobile alarms gives our clients confidence that should you need emergency help they can press your MePACS mobile alarm and our team will be there to assist you anytime 24/7, day or night. Our mobile alarms also have GPS technology which allows us to pinpoint your exact location which will see emergency assistance arrive to you fast!

MePACS emergency response service provides our clients and their loved ones with peace of mind and reassurance that you can be guaranteed 24/7 emergency support wherever you are. Our alarm systems are simple to use and easily activated to send out an alert when they need urgent assistance.

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