20 Apr 20

“My daily call service from MePACS is so reassuring” – Doreen

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Doreen’s commitment to providing excellent healthcare services throughout her career was returned when she decided MePACS was the right choice for a personal alarm.

Doreen is a former Executive Director of the Cancer Information & Support Service for Cancer Council Victoria. During her career, she developed and implemented a state-wide and internationally acclaimed support service for cancer sufferers and their carers – providing information, care and a mentorship program for people who are newly diagnosed with cancer.

The service was so successful, she helped establish the Cancer Helpline Service, staffed by Oncology Nurses in Australia, Canada and Singapore using the Victorian model and database.

Awarded an Order of Australia Medal in 2007 for her dedication to healthcare and patient support, she knew she was looking for something special when it came to her personal health and safety.

“I was looking for professional, caring and reliable support and I chose MePACS because the service met my exceptionally high standard requirements,” said Doreen.

“With over 20 years experience in supporting people with cancer, I knew the importance of being able to contact people in an emergency such as a fall, so I investigated agencies and services that provide this and MePACS was just outstanding.”

Doreen took up the MePACS service in 2016, after she contracted three Superbugs through surgery for osteoarthritis.

“I now have difficulty moving my left arm and leg, use a walker to move around and need help with daily activities, such as having a shower and getting dressed,” she said.

“My circumstances are so changed from being in charge of a team of 39 health professionals to being delighted if I can put my own underwear on by myself!”

Caring for our MePACS community

MePACS conducts up to 400 welfare calls a day for our clients – a service that Doreen can “confidently rely on.”

“I think what is also outstanding is the kind, caring voice on the other end of the alarm. I have a daily call alert installed, so I press my home unit every morning to let them know that I am up and about. If I forget, and some mornings I have, one of the friendly team will call the unit and ask if I am okay or do I need help.

A daily call is especially important if you live alone and have a fall – you could be lying on the floor for days without help.”

Doreen wears her pendant every day, and enjoys the safety and security it brings her to her and her family.

“I find that the major influence my MePACS has is the provision of peace of mind,” she said.

“My family and I were so impressed by the fact that if I fell in any room in the house and pressed the alarm, someone would respond from the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service. It is absolutely reassuring for both myself and my family to know that MePACS is there, taking care!!”

A Helping Hand

In her career, Doreen also established numerous support programs, networks and foundations to support people with many forms of cancer.

“I started and was the first President of the International Cancer Information Services Group and I am a current Patron of the Think Pink Foundation, which helps and supports families affected by breast cancer.

It was very important to me to give a voice and support to cancer patients and their carers.”

Inducted into the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll in 2010, Doreen’s achievements are a testament to her strength and kindness.

When it comes to personal health and wellbeing, she knows other seniors like her can trust MePACS to provide that extra helping hand.

“I would highly recommend MePACS to others! When you need a kind, professional service that really cares about your welfare and has fully trained, professional staff – MePACS is the service for you!”

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