“For me, my MePACS alarm is vital.” - Elizabeth - MePACS


30 Mar 21

“For me, my MePACS alarm is vital.” – Elizabeth

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Personal alarms are an essential safety measure for many Australian seniors living alone, and our client Elizabeth knows all-too-well how a MePACS home alarm has truly changed her life for the better.

“For me, I knew about MePACS because my mum had a personal alarm. And when I lived with her, I often talked to the 24/7 emergency response team and made sure she pressed her alarm if she ever needed help when I was out.”

Elizabeth joined the MePACS service in 2016 and has since felt safer with her MePACS home alarm.


“I live alone and I had a stroke some time ago, so for me a MePACS home alarm is vital. If I have a medical emergency and need someone to help, I can rely on the response team 24/7.”

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you’ve got a medical condition, disability or you’re prone to falls, it is essential to have a personal alarm for your safety. I keep telling people, MePACS is a lifesaver.”

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Unfortunately, Elizabeth has experienced a few medical emergencies, but is grateful that she was wearing her home alarm on her wrist at the time.

“I just remember being in extreme pain, and it was only increasing by the minute – I needed the ambulance quickly. I couldn’t move so all I could do was press my MePACS home alarm and it was such a relief to know that someone from the response team could organise an ambulance for me, tell my family and stay on the line until help arrived. They were really good.”

“The best thing is knowing that you’ve got a real person on the line to provide calm and reassurance while waiting for an ambulance – even if I am writhing in pain, I am not alone.”

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With MePACS, Elizabeth has the peace of mind she deserves and the confidence to live independently.

“If I fall somewhere and can’t get up, having the home alarm on my wrist means it is within easy reach to call for help. Through the speaker unit in my house, I can tell the MePACS response team exactly what is wrong. I can then hear MePACS letting me know that everything is going to be okay and help will be on the way.”

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But it’s not just Elizabeth who benefits from a monitored personal alarm service like MePACS – her friends and family all appreciate that a professionally trained response team are available to help their loved one 24/7.

“My friends and family are happy to know that I’ve got a MePACS personal alarm as well – if I need help from someone I know, then I have my close contacts and they will arrive in no time at all. But if it is an emergency, then the ambulance is called straight away.”

“My neighbours have said to me, ‘why don’t you ring us?’, and I just know it would be quicker to press my MePACS alarm and the response team are guaranteed to answer. I don’t have to worry about bothering my neighbours if the help I need requires a paramedic either – I actually sleep better at night knowing that I have my MePACS alarm.”

Elizabeth loves to visit family, go to the movies and volunteer in a community advisory group. Always out and about, she knows MePACS are looking out for her when she arrives back home.

“My independence is very important to me, so I know I can rely on MePACS to support me and ensure my safety.”

Along with our home alarms, MePACS has a mobile alarm with automatic falls detection to keep you safe at home and away. For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now