15 Sep 20

“I love that I can wear the MePACS Solo wherever I go.” – Emmy

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With her furry friend Pebbles by her side, our client Emmy knows she can feel safe and independent in her own home, thanks to her new MePACS Solo watch.

Emmy has an active lifestyle and generously donates her time and skills to others. Often out and about in her local community, she wanted a wearable personal alarm that she could rely on at all times and especially when she has a fall.

“I really needed the MePACS Solo watch because I started to have falls quite frequently,” she said.

“My main risk time has always been at night. Last December, I went to let the dog outside and the next thing I know, I’ve passed out on the ground and hit my head on the corner of the house.”

“I can be a little unstable on my feet in the morning as well, and when I get out of bed, I have to be very careful about how I do it. When I broke my hip, I lost my balance that particular morning and had to drag myself along the floor to find a phone – the one in the kitchen was too high so I dragged myself back to my bedroom with great difficulty to ring for help. That’s a scary situation that sadly many people can relate to.”

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Emmy unfortunately had another fall earlier this year and broke her wrist.

“The first thing on my mind was knowing I needed medical assistance. I was in pain but able to call for an ambulance and be taken to hospital. I am still recovering now but am quite lucky to have my family to help around the house and look after me.”

“It made me think about what would happen if I was unconscious or couldn’t talk – how would I tell someone that I needed emergency help? That’s why I have the MePACS Solo now, because it has automatic falls detection and can alert MePACS for me.”

“You don’t know when you’re going to have a fall or medical emergency of course, but it is better to be prepared and safe than sorry.”

Emmy wanted a personal alarm with access to a 24/7 monitoring service after she was the first contact for her own mum.

“My mum used to have an alarm that would call me whenever she pressed it, on purpose or accident. She used to live in a retirement village but I didn’t have a key to her door, so I had to sometimes wake up resident managers to help and obviously that was a bit of nuisance and could take quite a while. I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

“The great thing about MePACS is they can support you 24/7, and they have a professional team in emergency response to assess what level of help you need,” she said.

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“If I tell them I want an ambulance, then that is the first priority. I don’t want them to ring my children first if they can’t give the most appropriate help.”

Emmy enjoys keeping up with modern technology and loves that she can adapt the MePACS Solo to suit her needs.

‘I like how it is so discreet that sometimes I don’t even realise I have it on. You just see that you are wearing a watch – it’s very familiar and in a convenient place,” she said.

“I also use the sleep monitoring app to monitor my sleep pattern and see how often I wake up throughout the night.”

She even had the bright idea of changing the watch band to make it easier to wear, so she ordered a magnetic band online.

“For seniors like myself, it can be hard to use the clasp on a normal watch. Samsung Galaxy watches are already in the market so I just researched and found a magnetic band that matches my rose gold MePACS Solo watch. It’s still very secure and effective and the rose gold is a very stylish colour – it goes with everything!”

Emmy is kind and charismatic. She enjoys a bit of craft, visiting family and caring for her 4-year-old Cavoodle Pebbles, who adores her daily walks in the sunshine.

“Usually I don’t spend a lot of time at home, so I’m quite glad that I can take the MePACS Solo with me wherever I go. I’d like to stay independent as long as I can,” she said.

“Now I also have the confidence to go for longer walks with Pebbles. I don’t have to worry about how I would get emergency help anymore.”

The MePACS Solo watch was the right choice for Emmy, but we also have a range of personal alarms to suit your needs. For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now