31 Mar 20

Faces of MePACS: Sales Consultant – Kirsty

MePACS Team | Faces of MePACS

Kirsty is a Sales Consultant at MePACS. Friendly and informative, she enjoys the dynamics of the sales team and connecting with clients from multiple cultural backgrounds.

What does a typical day involve?


A typical day involves sales applications which come in online, via the telephone, or by email. We also answer any queries through our live chat on the website, which can range from pricing and product information to the 24/7 response service that MePACS provides.

What do you enjoy most about your role?


I love my team because we work so well together. We complement each other with our various strengths and abilities.

I also love talking to our clients about how the MePACS service has made a difference to their lives. Most of them have a story to tell you, and I often find that they’ll comment on my Scottish accent and say they know someone from there or used to live in Scotland themselves.

Why did you choose to work at MePACS?


I’ve worked here at MePACS for four years now. When we moved to Victoria, I briefly took a job in office administration and a friend of mine worked here at MePACS and recommended me.

I started in the response team as a monitor for around six months, and then the opportunity came to move into sales, which was definitely something I had a lot of experience in.

What has been a highlight or memorable moment in your role?


I really appreciate how MePACS listens to their clients and thinks of ways that new products can keep them living independently in their own home.

Before we launched our mobile alarms two and a half years ago, clients were asking if they could have something to take out of the house.

We listened to them and then released the mobile alarm. It was great to see the positive impact it had on our clients and their families.

With our MePACS Solo Watch, it’s exciting to be able to offer something different to our clients that can help them in their everyday lives and meet their needs.

What is your background?


I’ve mainly worked in sales and client services. I worked as a travel agent manager in Scotland for 14 years, and then in retail recruitment and private projects, so helping single parents and people who were long-term unemployed get back into the workforce.

I also did a variety of roles in customer service and training, so that’s why I wanted to use that experience here at MePACS.

Any quirky facts you can tell us about yourself?


I came to Australia from Scotland with my husband and our two children about nine years ago now.

We first lived in South Australia where we spent three and a half years, then relocated to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. We’re now Scottish and Australian citizens.

We moved because we wanted a better outdoor lifestyle for our kids – my son was only one when we left Scotland so he’s mostly grown up in an Australian environment, but my daughter is a teenager now and she has an accent that switches between Scottish with her family and Australian with her school friends.

What do you like to do outside of work?


We don’t have any extended family members here in Australia, but we do have friends from back home that live here and I like to spend time with them. I enjoy taking my kids to basketball, netball and footy on the weekends, and cycling in my own time.

We’ve recently brought a camper trailer, so we can go on family camping trips to visit some of the bushfire-affected communities and see more of Australia in general.