15 Jan 24

From Darkness to Light: Sue’s Empowering Journey with MePACS – A Testimonial of Safety, Support & Self-Compassion

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

Our lovely client Sue, can’t help but express her gratitude for having a MePACS alarm at her fingertips.

Sue found herself in need of extra assistance after a traumatic event in her life. She was a victim of an attack, which left her grappling with PTSD, necessitating the assistance and support that MePACS provides.

With a professional background in advertising, including work as an art director, Sue’s life took a different turn after her daughter was born. She chose to freelance from home, a decision influenced in part by after her daughter with epilepsy, which required constant attention and care.

Sue’s hobbies include artwork, gardening, and pra cticing mindfulness through long walks. She knows that the need for assistance can strike anyone at any age. She firmly believes that MePACS is not just for the elderly; it’s a lifeline that provides an invaluable sense of security.

Sue found solace in MePACS, especially after the loss of her beloved dog. It became her constant companion, offering support and reassurance whenever she needed it. “Thanks to MePACS, I’m no longer isolated, and I don’t have to worry about becoming a burden to my neighbours or loved ones.” Sue says

In Sue’s words, MePACS is like having a trusted friend by her side, 24 hours a day. “It’s a reassuring presence that dispels the loneliness that can creep in when surrounded by solitude”. She believes that “reaching out for help isn’t a sign of helplessness but an act of self-compassion”.

Sue described how she would draw a picture of the MePACS service “I would start with a black background and gradually emerge into the light”. The service keeps her checked in, ensuring her safety and wellbeing at all times.

 “When fear or uncertainty strikes, I feels reassured, knowing that MePACS is there to support me.” Most importantly, Sue highlights the trust that MePACS has instilled in her.

“It’s a lifeline I can rely on, making me feel connected and secure”.