24 Jun 21

“I think the MePACS service is fantastic.” – Gina

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For seniors who live alone across Australia, a monitored personal alarm can be the best safety companion when it comes to signalling for help in a serious medical emergency.

Our client Gina joined the MePACS service in 2017 through her retirement village in regional Victoria.

“I’ve had to press my MePACS alarm many times, and each time I’ve had excellent service.”

“I’m very fortunate to live in a retirement village where our MePACS alarms are supplied to all the residents. It makes me feel that much safer while I’m living on my own to have the support of this community and MePACS at the same time.”

Gina enjoys her independent living but knows her safety and security is always a priority, especially while she lives alone and could experience a medical emergency quite unexpectedly.

“Last year in April I developed a chest infection, so I had quite a bit of pain and discomfort with that of course, because you can struggle to breathe at times. I remember pressing my alarm and the MePACS operator was very prompt and efficient – they assessed the situation and called an ambulance and my daughter for me, which was very reassuring, before I was taken to hospital.”

“It was nice to have a coordinated response, between the ambulance service, my retirement village and my daughter, so I could get the right help that I needed as soon as possible. Because MePACS is a monitored personal alarm service, it really does make a difference.”

Seniors who may have a disability, be prone to falls, have a chronic medical condition or in recovery can benefit from a medical alarm that helps them to live confidently without worrying about what might happen in a medical emergency.

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With the MePACS Home alarm, Gina and her family can have the peace of mind they deserve, in knowing that a prompt and professional personal alarm service like MePACS is able to respond efficiently in a medical emergency.

“I think MePACS is fantastic, it’s just great that I have their 24/7 emergency response team available at the press of a button if I have a medical emergency or a fall at home.”

“For my daughter who lives closest to my retirement village, it’s just peace of mind for her that when I have a medical emergency, such as the one last April, that there is a dedicated response team to let her know that something is wrong. MePACS keep my family in the loop for me.”

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The MePACS response team is available 24/7, 365 days a year for the security of our clients. We know that family may not always be available to help, so you can rely on MePACS to give you true peace of mind and help you feel safer in your own home.

“I would absolutely recommend MePACS to others. Certainly, a senior who lives on their own, and not in a retirement village or near any family, would do well to have a MePACS personal alarm for their safety.”

“The fact that I can wear it all the time is important. Because it is lightweight and convenient for me to just slip around my neck, I sometimes forget that I even have it on. And I can wear it around my unit and to the front letterbox in case anything happens when I go to check the mail.”

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