18 Feb 20

“Thank you MePACS for saving me from a major operation.” – Grace

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Grace is 91 years old and has had the MePACS service for almost six years now.

Just before Christmas 2017, the quick actions of the MePACS response team saved her from major surgery.

“My son Michael had said goodnight to me in my annex at 9pm that night, but within 2 hours I had fallen over with severe stomach pains which were getting worse by the minute,” she said.

“I pressed my MePACS alarm and within a minute the response team called me via the alarm unit to see what help I needed and then immediately called my son.”

Michael was getting ready to go to bed when the phone kept ringing.

“I didn’t answer it initially but MePACS were really persistent and I answered on the third time where I was told something was wrong with mum,” he said. “So I raced down to her annex to find her vomiting and with a bloated stomach, so I instantly called 000.”

The ambulance arrived and took Grace to hospital, where she underwent surgery to unblock a twisted bowel. The surgeon said had it been an hour later, then the bowel would have died and she would have required major surgery to remove that part of the bowel and potentially put in a colostomy bag.

Grace says she is “so lucky” to have the MePACS personal alarm.

“I feel much safer and more secure having the MePACS service, knowing I only have to press the button if anything goes wrong.”

Michael agrees MePACS provides his mum with the expedient response she needs when she is unwell.

“I’m so grateful for the MePACS service to get help to my mum so quickly. Having the MePACS alarm gives me so much more peace of mind that mum is safe and I don’t have to worry,” said Michael.

“The staff are always very helpful and friendly and take a genuine interest in their clients’ welfare. It’s a great service to have and worth every dollar.”

You too can have the security and peace of mind of the MePACS 24/7 personal alarm service. For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now