12 Jun 22

“The MePACS Home and Mobile Alarm make me feel reassured.” – Helen 

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Our client Helen loves her independent lifestyle – meeting friends for coffee, going for short walks and being an active participant of her local community.

With her MePACS home & mobile alarms, she feels safer and more secure at home and on the go, knowing that the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service is only a button press away.

“I live alone and am quite comfortable with that, but when I started having frequent falls, I knew I had to do something about my personal safety before I really found myself in serious trouble.”

Unfortunately, Helen can recall a time recently when she needed the quick thinking and actions of the MePACS response team for a severe medical emergency.
Feeling lightheaded in the bathroom, she slipped on the tiles and broke a thoracic ‘T’ vertebrae, which is in the second segment of vertebrae in the spine. Pressing her MePACS alarm, she was able to signal for help to our 24/7 emergency response team who called an ambulance and reassured Helen that help was on the way.

“I’ve also pressed the medical alarm when I’ve had dizzy spells or fainted and come around. And when I’ve been in pain from kidney stones. So having the MePACS alarm with me at home definitely makes me feel reassured that I can get essential help when I need it, around the clock,” said Helen.

“MePACS is excellent. The most important thing to me is that I feel secure with it – I’m not a nuisance to anyone around the place, I just push a little panic button and MePACS will answer in what feels like no time.” 

“When I go out with my friends, I even tell them that if anything goes wrong, just press this MePACS Mobile alarm and tell the response team what I need,” said Helen.

“The MePACS operators are always polite and friendly but when it’s a medical emergency, they know time is of the essence and to call for help on my behalf straightaway.”

“I think it’s a great service that MePACS offers and more seniors like myself should have a MePACS alarm!”

The MePACS home and mobile alarm bundle is ideal for people who lead an active and independent lifestyle, but want the added peace of mind from getting professional help in an emergency.
A fully-monitored personal alarm is simple, convenient and effective, and can make all the difference for seniors, people with disability and those with chronic conditions.

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