23 Mar 22

“Knowing MePACS is monitored 24/7 by a professional team is the gold card.” – Janice

Alayna Hansen | Testimonials

Our client Janice certainly has a love of travel – whenever she can, she’s off on holidays or short day-trips with friends, joining a local coach service to see the sights of the east coast.

Now with MePACS Home and Mobile Alarms, her experience goes to show how having the right monitored personal alarm can make a world of difference when it comes to independence.


A real person makes all the difference – Monitored vs Non-Monitored Alarms

Janice previously had an autodialler personal alarm which automatically called her family members, but it was quite sensitive and would go off by itself.

“I was trying to cancel the alert one day when it started going through the contact list. At the same time the alarm was saying it had been activated and to click the button to cancel, I could hear my son and daughter-in-law trying to speak to me. I was getting quite stressed before I managed to turn it off.”

“Another time, I was going to bed and I liked to put the autodialler alarm on the bedside table at night-time – the minute I set it down, it was triggered again. After that frustrating experience with that alarm, I knew the one thing I needed was to speak to someone through my personal alarm – especially in a medical emergency when I can start to panic.”

With a fully monitored, fast response personal alarm service like MePACS, Janice has the peace of mind that her safety is prioritised 24/7, and she is guaranteed an answer from our trained response team within two minutes.

“Knowing that MePACS is monitored 24/7 by a professional team was the gold card. When you speak to a real person, you can explain what the problem is and they can reassure you. MePACS call your family to come or if you know you need medical attention, they call an ambulance for you – you don’t have to worry about false alarms.”

“I think it’s wonderful that MePACS has completely covered every aspect of independent living for the elderly, and that’s what most seniors want – to stay in their home for longer and still be able to go out and enjoy themselves knowing they will feel safe.”

See why a Fully Monitored Personal Alarm is essential for safety


Feeling safer out and about – the need for a Mobile Alarm with Falls Detection

mobile unit

Living in the ACT, Janice volunteers at her local opportunity shop and loves being active in her community. When she’s away from home, she knew she wanted to feel extra secure and not have to worry about calling for help if she had a fall or medical emergency – that’s why she also has a MePACS Mobile Alarm.

“MePACS just gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to stop and think about your safety in your day-to-day living anymore. And because the response team is based in Australia, you can hear a familiar voice reassuring you help is on the way.”

“Occasionally I’m traveling by myself back to my house at night. I know if I’ve got the Mobile Alarm around my neck and there’s an emergency situation, I can just do a quick press of the alarm rather than use my phone – which would take much longer and be more difficult.”

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A daily welfare check service to ensure senior safety and well-being

MePACS offer a ‘daily call’ service to our clients to check-in on their health and well-being in the morning. For those who live by themselves like Janice, it was such a relief to know MePACS looks out for her safety every day.

“I don’t want to bother my family all the time but I wonder if I can’t get up off the floor after a fall and it could be a few days before someone calls to check in on me.”

“That’s what gave me absolute peace of mind about MePACS. I can just press the button on the speaker unit and the response team know I’m okay or they’ll call to check in if I forget. I think it’s an essential part of the MePACS service.”

For more information, call 1800 685 329 or visit our personal alarms product page to find the right personal alarm for you or your loved one.