03 Jun 21

How MePACS Supports People Living with Disability – Jess’s Testimonial

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Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, our client Jess feels safer at home and on-the-go with her MePACS personal alarm.

“I decided to take up a MePACS personal alarm because I wanted to live by myself and still feel reassured that I could signal for help in a medical emergency. I think because I was moving out for the first time, it was really important to know I had support from MePACS 24/7.”

Jess is an actress, writer and model from Melbourne. As someone who feels at home on the stage, she is also a passionate disability advocate who enjoys speaking sharing her experiences to help educate and support other NDIS participants and their families.

“I would definitely recommend MePACS to others, especially people like myself. Young people living with disabilities want to have as much freedom and choice as we can, so having funded support means that I didn’t have to worry about finances either,” said Jess.

“I feel like I can rely on my MePACS alarm too. It’s right there around my neck and I can press it quickly if I need to. Even if I’m not able to communicate properly, the MePACS team know something is wrong and will call for help for me.”

With NDIS funding covering the cost of her alarm, Jess feels that she has the confidence to go about her day and achieve her life goals.

The MePACS Home and Mobile alarm bundle is a popular choice for many clients living with with disability, because they can feel safe both at home and away. Featuring 4G technology, GPS and falls detection, the Mobile Alarm can send automatically a signal for help MePACS in the event of a fall.

With our team of trained emergency responders ready to help 24/7, Jess and her family can enjoy the peace of mind they deserve, day or night.

It’s a small alarm, so I don’t have to feel self-conscious about it and I just know that when I’m in or out of the house, I am covered if I have a medical emergency. I can talk directly to the MePACS emergency response team and they call the most appropriate help for me – whether it’s family or Triple 0,” said Jess.

“I know MePACS is looking out for my safety, so it’s definitely a weight off my shoulders.”

Watch and listen to Jess’s story here:

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