17 Dec 19

“Having a MePACS alarm makes me feel safe now.” – Joan

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mepacs medical alarm elderly personal safetyMePACS Client Testimonial from Joan, Melbourne.

Joan is 81 and has had the MePACS Alarm service for 4 years now. She took up the service after her husband passed away as she knew she needed extra care as she was now living on her own independently.

“My children live far away and I can’t rely on them, I feel very much alone.

Before I had MePACS I had a few falls within a short period of time. On one particular occasion I had blacked out and had hit my head on the corner of my kitchen bench – I woke to find my head in a pool of blood so phoned 000, I was in a bad way. I then spent 4 days in hospital before returning home. After having these falls and living on my own, made me realise that I needed some extra care. This was when I knew the MePACS service was the added security I required.

I haven’t had to press my MePACS alarm in an emergency situation yet, but it’s great reassurance to know it’s there for me should I need immediate help.

Having the MePACS alarm with me at home makes me feel safe now. My daughter is always calling me to see that I am wearing my alarm, which I tell her it’s always is on me. I love that the pendent is waterproof so I can wear it in the shower. It’s definitely provided me with peace of mind as I would be worried if I didn’t have it.

The MePACS staff are lovely, they answer quickly and I have confidence in the service – I feel that I can rely on them to get me emergency help should I need it.

I recommend the MePACS alarm service as I think it’s an important and valuable service for people like me who live alone.” Said Joan.

“It’s great reassurance to know (MePACS) is there for me should I need immediate help” – Joan.

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