“I would be lost without the dedication of MePACS.” – Julie - MePACS


06 Jul 21

“I would be lost without the dedication of MePACS.” – Julie

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Personal alarms are an essential safety measure for many Australians living independently, and our client Julie is grateful that her MePACS Home and Mobile Alarm bundle helps her feel safer at home and away.

Julie joined MePACS in 2017 and has since reaped the benefits of having a fully-monitored personal alarm service with a 24/7 emergency response team looking out for her safety.

“The MePACS Mobile Alarm is not just a falls detector for me, but the 24/7 response team are life-savers. Without their dedication to me, I would be lost or had some very unfortunate experiences,” said Julie.

“I not only have the Home Alarm, but the MePACS Mobile Alarm which I take with me when I go out or away for respite.”

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Julie has MERRF syndrome, which is an extremely rare neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects the nervous system and skeletal muscles, causing muscle jerks in the limbs, seizures, impaired coordination and muscle weakness.

When she became prone to falls due to her chronic medical condition, she realised a MePACS personal alarm would be the best choice to help her feel safer at home and away.

mepacs home and mobile unitIn fact, there was a time recently that she has MePACS to thank for quickly organising essential help for her when she had a seizure away from home.

“I was at my first respite stay in Ocean Grove in February. On my last morning, I had a seizure that caused me to fall out of bed and once I came to, I was able to press my mobile alarm and within a few moments I received a reply through the speaker on the alarm to reassure me that help was on its way.”

With the MePACS Home and Mobile Alarm bundle, Julie now had ultimate peace of mind that she can signal for help to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service at home or out and about.

Now with added automatic falls detection and existing GPS technology, the Mobile Alarm helps Julie continue her independent lifestyle without having to worry about what might happen in a medical emergency.

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“I would be lost without the dedication of MePACS. Just knowing they are there at the end of my chain is very reassuring. It only takes one press and they have a nurse or ambulance on the way for me.”

“Thank you MePACS, your whole team should be proud of the security you give to those who are in need. I am so grateful for being there for me and for many others that use your services. THANK YOU!!!”

MePACS helps many clients with a disability or chronic medical condition to feel safer and more secure at home and away. Call our friendly sales team on 1800 685 329 or visit Join Now to order a MePACS personal alarm today.