02 Mar 22

“The Solo watch gives me a big sense of security.” – Julie

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Our client Julie loves her independent lifestyle in regional Victoria. She’s always keeping busy, whether it’s propagating plants in her garden, tending to her veggie patch or being social in the local community.

Now with the MePACS Solo watch helping her feel safe, she can do what she enjoys without worrying about how to get help in a medical emergency.

“Before I knew about MePACS, I had four falls and no easy way to call for help. On one occasion, I tripped on the pathway and smashed my shoulder on a large concrete tub. I just sat for ages and thought what can I do on my own, when I’m in pain? But if I had the Solo watch then I would have been able to signal to MePACS.”

“I love walking around the streets and laneways by myself in the evenings, but there’s those small risks you don’t often think about that could lead to a medical emergency. If I trip or hurt myself and I’m in no state to find out where I am, then having the GPS location feature on the watch is truly essential.”


Home Care Funding helps prioritise personal safety

Julie used her home care package to purchase our latest personal alarm on the Samsung Galaxy 3 watch. Thanks to this government funding and the personalised duty of care from the MePACS 24/7 service, she and her family have the peace of mind they deserve.

“The Solo watch and MePACS response team give me a big sense of security. Because even if I just jump in the car and go down the street, anything can happen while I’m out. I don’t always take my mobile with me so if something goes wrong, I need to have a safety device that I can quickly and easily signal for help with.”

“My family think MePACS is excellent. My daughter is a nurse and she feels it is absolutely necessary to have the service because I’m on my own and while I am independent, I can be overly energetic and do things that pose a safety risk.”

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The ultimate safety device to support independent living

Along with health monitoring capabilities and its modern appearance, Julie says the falls detection feature on the Solo watch was a particular standout.

“When I was recovering from surgery recently, I was in a lot of pain and out of balance. My daughter was staying with me but for my own safety, I put the Solo watch on the moment I woke up. I could have a fall while she was out and if I couldn’t reach my mobile, I could easily tap the personal alarm on my wrist.”

“I monitor the steps tracker quite often, because I’m always going out for my walks and keeping busy in the garden. And sometimes I look at the heart rate monitor just to be aware for my health.”

“I think of the rose gold Solo watch like it is a piece of my jewellery, because it’s so stylish and comfortable. I know it’s a personal alarm, but no one else would unless I told them.”

And when it comes to recommending MePACS to others, she never hesitates to do so.

“I’ve recommended MePACS to the older woman who lives by herself across the road, and now she has the Home Alarm. And to another woman I know who is caring for her husband, she would certainly benefit from the extra support for his health.”

“I think the response team is the best thing about MePACS, because that gives you a sense of security to know somebody is going to respond very quickly and you don’t have to explain yourself too much. They have my medical details on file, so I know they can tell emergency services on my behalf – that’s very reassuring.”

For more information, call 1800 685 329 or visit our official Home Alarm page.