07 Oct 21

Grandmother of Melbourne Demons premiership player praises MePACS for fast emergency response

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Like for many Australians, it was footy fever on the night of the 2021 AFL Grand Final for MePACS client Kath and her family – but even more so when her grandson Tom McDonald was playing for the Melbourne Demons.

“We were just overjoyed to see Tom and the team play an incredible match. I went to bed after all the excitement, but then remembered I had to put my alarm on standby for the morning!”

“We called MePACS very late at night to let them know I wouldn’t be home to press my daily call button, and the response team celebrated the win with us.”

Joining MePACS was the best decision for Kath’s health and safety

Kath joined MePACS six years ago, when she became prone to falls while living independently.

“I think the MePACS service is absolutely marvellous. Having a personal alarm that is responded to 24/7 is particularly helpful for me because my daughter can go away for work or a holiday and she doesn’t have to worry about me having a fall or feeling unwell and not being able to call for the medical attention I may need.”

She says she is also grateful for the quick actions of the MePACS response team when she had two medical emergencies at home alone in regional Victoria.

“I was out in the garden one day and had a series of mini strokes before I fainted and cracked my head on the stone windowsill. I had a cut bleeding profusely on the side of my head, so I pressed my MePACS alarm for help and could thankfully tell them I needed an ambulance despite the state I was in. The paramedics arrived within the hour and I was rushed off to Horsham hospital to be stitched up.”

“The second time, I tripped on a step in the shed, fell and hit my head again. I had a very large bump on my forehead from that and spent quite a bit of time in hospital recovering. Thanks to MePACS, I was in good hands.”

“I do appreciate all that MePACS does for me – it’s given me the security I needed to live independently in my own home, hopefully for years to come.”


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Why does MePACS stand out as an Australian personal alarm provider?

mepacs home and mobile unitYou might not think you need a monitored personal alarm…until you do.

Australian seniors prone to medical emergencies not only need a quick and easy way to signal for help, but the 24/7 support of a professionally trained team to provide a personalised and efficient emergency response.

Our home, mobile and watch alarms suit various lifestyles of senior living. Help is only 2 minutes away once you have pressed the button, and our friendly team are ready to get you the appropriate help at any time of the day or night.

With over 45,000 customers Australia wide, we are proud to be giving our clients and their family greater peace of mind and confidence, knowing that they are safer at home and away with MePACS.

Do you want ultimate safety and peace of mind for yourself or a loved one? Join MePACS today – call 1800 685 329 or visit our online form.


Family Ties

Kath’s daughter Cathryn is pretty proud of her son too. As loyal Melbourne Demons supporters, the family are very close and live only a few minutes away from each other in the same town.

“While mum has her MePACS alarm, I don’t have to worry about not being able to check in every day, especially when I’m at work. It gives us all peace of mind to know she has an easy way to signal for help and that the response team can prioritise an ambulance to her, when they know exactly what medical emergency is happening.”

As a community nurse, Cathryn visits many patients in their regional town and certainly knows how important independence is for senior health and well-being.

“I have recommended MePACS to a few people living alone in our community, because it’s given my mum the security blanket that she needed and she is more confident to live by herself now. She’s still very able and can do most things around the house and garden, but we just worry about the chance of something going wrong, especially when she is more prone to falls than she was a few years ago.”

“The MePACS response team have always been so lovely every time we call in, and even when mum accidentally presses the pendant. She likes that they check in to see if she is okay anyway, it’s just the extra level of care that makes the service what it is.”

Kath and Cathryn may be celebrating the Demons’ win for months or years to come – and for all that time, MePACS will ensure they both have ultimate peace of mind about Kath’s safety at home.

Like Kath and Cathryn, many clients and their families are reassured that a MePACS personal alarm will help them to feel safe and still live independently. For more information, call 1800 685 329 or view our range of personal alarms.