18 Aug 20

“The MePACS service is absolutely wonderful.” – Kathleen

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With a love of travel and family, our client Kathleen can’t wait to pack her bags for another holiday – until then, she knows she can rely on MePACS to help her feel safer at home.

“I’ve lived alone for some time and a friend from my local group recommended MePACS so that I could access emergency assistance whenever it is necessary. I’ve had my MePACS personal alarm for about nine years now and the peace of mind is lovely.”

Kathleen is grateful for the help she receives from MePACS in a medical emergency, especially as she deals with a few respiratory issues.

“I am prone to asthma and bronchitis and so I sometimes find myself quite short of breath or waking up in the middle of night struggling to breathe. It’s awful, but I know all I need to do is press my MePACS alarm once and the response team answer very quickly.

They’re so good to me because they will stay on the phone until the ambulance arrives. It does give you a great sense of calm to have someone make sure you will be okay.”

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With constant support and reassurance, Kathleen can do the things she loves with confidence.

“Having a MePACS alarm does make me feel a lot safer, especially at night. It’s the first thing I put on in the morning as well, and it feels very secure around my neck. Then I press the daily call button to let MePACS know I’m up and about.

I just go about my day and don’t have to worry about it – I’m doing a jigsaw of puppies right now and wearing my MePACS alarm doesn’t even cross my mind.”

Kathleen moved from England to Australia 47 years ago, but has still retained her lovely British accent. Raising four children over the years, she counts herself lucky to have them so close now.

“My family and I think the MePACS service is absolutely wonderful. You’ve got care and assistance all in one – I’ve certainly recommended MePACS to my friends before and will continue to do so.”

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now

“I’ve got two daughters and one of them lives nearby so she can be here in minutes if MePACS calls, but the response team are the ones who handle the situation first since they are professionals. They do a terrific job.”

With her last holiday being across the ditch in New Zealand, Kathleen keeps busy in the meantime with myriad activities, waiting for the day she can go exploring again.

“I find something to do all the time. I usually meet with my local club on a Monday but that has obviously stopped for now in the current situation. I cook for fun, play games on my tablet and I’m even making Christmas cards already!”

Kathleen always feels safe with her MePACS home alarm, and so can you or your loved one. For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now