03 Jun 20

MePACS are there to help us 24/7, and they save lives.” – Kathy

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

There’s nothing that our client Kathy likes more than watching her grandchildren play in the afternoon sunlight at her home in Queensland. In the balmy weather, she can relax and enjoy the peace of mind that MePACS provides, with her trusted personal alarm around her neck.

“I live alone, so when my son and daughter told me about MePACS I knew it was a good idea for my health and wellbeing,” said Kathy.

“The doctor said that without my pendant and the MePACS response team being there for me all the time, I probably wouldn’t be here now – they are more important than ever.”

Kathy has a few medical conditions, which means she depends on MePACS to get the right help she needs in an emergency.

“I had a stroke at the end of 2018, and before then quite a lot of transient ischaemic attacks, or mini-strokes. I also have occasional asthma, lung disease and some heart conditions such as unstable angina, which is where your heart doesn’t get enough blood flow and oxygen.”

In recent circumstances, it was the quick actions of the 24/7 MePACS emergency response team that made all the difference.

“Over the last few months, I have pressed my pendant two or three times. In February, I could barely breathe and then next thing I knew, I had collapsed onto the floor. It was so lucky that I had my pendant on me, so I could signal for help from MePACS and they could call an ambulance for me.”

“I’ve had a few instances where I couldn’t use my phone, so my MePACS alarm actually saved my life.”

Kathy appreciates the care and support that she receives from MePACS, making her feel safer in her own home.

“MePACS has helped me so much, especially over the last six months. They are so excellent, and I know that help is only one press of the button away.”

With eight beautiful grandchildren and one on the way, Kathy prioritises her health and knows her family are relieved that she has a monitored personal alarm.

“Family are very important to me and we are all very close, which is amazing. They are what I live for.”

“They are relieved and happy that I have MePACS to look out for me. They know that I can’t use my phone sometimes so if I need their help, I will get MePACS to call my family on my behalf and tell them what is wrong.

Compassionate and carefree, Kathy knows she can trust MePACS be there for her no matter what happens.

“MePACS do a valuable job in making sure people get the help they need and the response team are so wonderful, even calling back a few hours later to make sure that I am okay. MePACS are there 24/7 to help us, and they save lives.”

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