30 May 19

“My MePACS Alarm saved my life.” – Leyna

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Leyna lives independently in her own home near Geelong.

She was referred to MePACS in January 2017 by her friend Jenny who Leyna refers to as her ‘Earth Angel’.

“I wasn’t well, I was in and out of hospital, I live alone and I needed extra support,” said Leyna.

“Jenny looked into everything for me and we both felt MePACS was the answer to stay living at home on my own – this is what I needed.”

In April 2019, Leyna recalls the time she needed to press her MePACS alarm.

She was in her laundry waiting for her washing to finish, so she sat down on the stool which was covered in beaming sunlight – she was enjoying the relaxation and warmth on her back.

The next thing Leyna recalls is waking up in horror & immense pain.

I had face planted the floor! My head, arms and body ached from the hard impact with the ground,” she said.

“I pressed my MePACS pendant which I had around my neck and the response monitor answered immediately – I was so grateful and relieved that help was on the way.”

An ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. The MePACS operator had also called Leyna’s first emergency contact for assistance.

“I was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I had x-rays as they wanted to check that I hadn’t broken any bones, as the force of hitting the floor so hard made my forehead look like the Hulk,” she said.

Leyna is now back at home recovering but the doctor has told her to take it easy for at least 8 weeks.

“I want to stay living at home and like to be independent and my MePACS personal alarm allows me to do that. If I do need support at any time I know they are there for me anytime day or night.”

“The MePACS response staff are brilliant – I appreciate everything they do and can’t speak more highly of them. They’re just wonderful!”

“Without my alarm, I don’t know what I would’ve done, it saved my life.”

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