06 May 21

“MePACS is a total reassurance for the both of us.” – Linda and Jean

Alayna Hansen | Carer , Client , Testimonials

Our client Jean and her daughter Linda live together by the beach in Victoria. Linda works full-time and Jean is often home by herself in her unit at the back of the property, so they both decided that it was important to join the MePACS personal alarm service for Jean’s safety and well-being.

“I had a few falls in the bathroom and the kitchen and couldn’t get up, so I had to crawl to any nearby furniture to stand up. Even though my daughter lives in the main house, I just couldn’t keep having the falls risk and not doing something about it – there was no way I could get help easily,” said Jean.

“I am perfectly happy living in my own little unit and it’s nice that Linda can go about her usual day and not have to worry about me being alone and struggling to call for help if I have a medical emergency.”

For clients prone to falls, we recommend the home and mobile alarm bundle to keep you safe 24/7. Our MePACS Mobile Alarm has GPS location technology but now has added automatic falls detection too, so you don’t need to worry about your safety when out and about.

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Linda agrees that MePACS has provided a “very comforting” presence for her mum.

“Mum and I don’t have a direct phone line to each other, except for the mobile. I’m out at work or doing errands so it’s good to know she has a personal alarm that she can easily press and someone will be able to help her,” said Linda.

“It’s a total reassurance for the both of us.”

The MePACS home alarm is a popular choice for many of our clients, who want ultimate peace of mind in knowing they can signal for help to our 24/7 emergency response service around their house and garden.

Feel safe and secure with a MePACS Alarm at home

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“Having a MePACS alarm means I have extra security when I need it. It’s convenient, very easy to use and most of the time I don’t even feel like I’ve got it around my neck, because it is so lightweight. You can’t wear a phone around your neck, so have a personal alarm instead,” said Jean.

“I rarely take the MePACS alarm off. I wear it in the shower, to bed, and around the backyard because you never know what might happen when you can be prone to falls.”

Linda and Jean say they recommend MePACS for other seniors who live by themselves, even if they have family close by. They are also grateful to rely on the MePACS 24/7 emergency response team for their quick response and constant support.

“The MePACS service is fantastic. I feel more confident to go out about my day and I can still keep my independence,” said Jean.

“I love living close to my daughter and want it to stay that way for as long as possible – and it certainly can if I have my MePACS alarm with me.”

Like Linda and Jean, many clients and their families are reassured that a MePACS personal alarm will help them to feel safe and still live independently. For more information, call 1800 685 329 or visit