25 Feb 22

“MePACS gives you great peace of mind, especially for families caring for elderly parents” – Lisa

MePACS Team | Carers , Testimonials

Lisa’s mum June was recommended a MePACS personal alarm by her local hospital in 2010, after she suffered the effects from a mini stroke. She had been a client of ours for 11 years and 5 months before moving into care.

“Mum was experiencing a few health problems but being fiercely independent, she decided to continue living at home. A personal alarm was a really great idea to help her feel safe and continue feeling confident while at home.”

Living independently was very important to June while at home, but her family worried what might happen in a medical emergency if she had no easy way to notify someone that she needed help.

“My nickname for mum was ‘Miss Independent’ – wherever she could she wanted to try and go out by herself. Having a MePACS personal alarm at home just reassured her that she could notify she needed help if she had a fall out in the garden or felt unwell at any time.”

 “One night she was having trouble breathing and she pressed her MePACS Home Alarm for help. By the time my husband and I got there after the response team contacted us, the ambulance was just pulling out of the driveway. It was a relief to know that they were able to contact everyone but prioritise paramedics so she could get the right help that she needed.”


Ultimate peace of mind for clients and carers

Lisa also says she “was not only grateful for the quick response and the guarantee that someone would answer no matter the time of day or night, but that a daily welfare check ensured me that mum could let the response team know she was up and about in the morning”.

 “MePACS really did give me peace of mind and assurance that help was never far away if mum required this, it was just knowing that there was someone there to answer if mum needed help and to stay with her on the line until that help arrived. MePACS was not just a comfort to mum but also to me.”

 “I always recommend MePACS to older people I know in my community who live alone with no family or limited contact. I’ve left brochures in shops, libraries, doctors and also my mother-in-law now has a MePACS Home Alarm and she loves the sense of feeling looked after. When you have the responsibility of looking after elderly parent/s you should consider introducing them to a personal alarm which can help to safeguard health and independence at home, especially if they choose to live alone.”


Going beyond the standard duty of care

Thousands of MePACS clients and their families are reassured that a fully monitored personal alarm will help them to feel safe and still live independently.

 “Mum was grateful to have the MePACS service especially in the last 12 months. She absolutely loved receiving a Christmas and Birthday card every year, and sometimes having a short chat to the response team on the phone after confirming she was okay. I think it was important to go beyond just the usual emergency response to make sure she felt safe and valued.”

 “Every time I have talked to the staff, they have been exceptionally helpful and professional. They know exactly what they’re doing and what to say to reassure you.  I can imagine they’re sitting there with a smile on their face because they are doing a job they love, and nothing is ever too much trouble.”

For many people like Lisa, it’s the personalised service provided by our response team that also makes a difference in their lives, knowing that their loved one’s happiness and well-being are also prioritised.

For more information on how a personal alarm can help your loved one, call 1800 685 329 or visit our Product Overview Page.