10 Aug 20

“MePACS are an absolute beacon in a gloomy situation.” – Margaret

Alayna Hansen | Client , Testimonials

Juggling volunteering, caring for grandchildren and numerous social activities, our client Margaret is incredibly compassionate and gives back to her community in so many ways.

Living in regional Victoria, she values her independence greatly and decided it was time to get a MePACS personal and mobile alarm so she could feel safe and secure wherever she may be.

“My GP advised me to go into a local care program for seniors, because I’d been having random falls at home and a few medical issues. I thought it was better to be safe than sorry and it’s good to know that MePACS are there all the time,” she said.

“When I didn’t have a MePACS alarm and I was having these falls, it would have come in very handy. I no longer have to crawl to reach my phone, but I am very confident that MePACS can get the most appropriate help that I need in that moment.”

“I’ve got a routine when I know something is wrong and I’m able to do something about it. I sit down and try to remain calm while I wait for the ambulance to arrive, and I know they can get in quickly because there’s a key lock that MePACS recommended by my front door. My health and safety are certainly a priority.”

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Constant support and compassion

MePACS are here to help 24/7, no matter the medical situation. Margaret is particularly grateful for our service as we have not only helped her to remain independent in her own home, but her mum as well.

“MePACS have helped my family through generations. At any time of day or night, I know that I have direct contact with someone who can assist me in any emergency. I appreciate the kind human contact every morning and it’s lovely to know they are looking out for me, especially when I forget to check in with the daily call button.”

Margaret also has the added benefits of the MePACS mobile alarm, so she can go out and about with little worry.

“When I started to have medical issues, I didn’t want to leave the house. I was anxious about going out on my own, even just to see my friends for a social visit, and a lot of things just kept taking away from my normal independent lifestyle. If I fell over, what would happen? Who could I ring if I can’t talk?

Knowing that I have help at hand 24/7, in any location with my MePACS mobile alarm just restores my confidence completely. I can wander around the countryside if I wanted to.”

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Little hands for a great peace of mind

Margaret’s family and friends mean the world to her. Spending time with her grandchildren in the school holidays, she has even taught them how to press her MePACS pendant if she is ever in a situation that she is unable to.

“My wonderful grandchildren come over and we do all the regular things – play board games, do some craft and the like – but they also help me test my pendant every month. They know how to respond to the monitoring team if I am ever sick or have a fall while they are with me.”

“Having a MePACS alarm also means my family are very reassured about my health and well-being. I completely trust MePACS and they have never let me down. They have given me back my confidence and social life, especially when I live alone.”

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Marvellous Margaret

Margaret’s sense of humour is a big part of her charismatic personality, and she enjoys a bit of a joke with our MePACS response team.

“Sometimes I have pressed my pendant accidentally because I’ve opened jars against myself, but when someone answers and asks if I am alright, we have a bit of a laugh together and I say I’m perfectly fine, I’m just about to have a coffee. And then I put myself in the naughty corner.”

“The staff are always friendly and professional, they address me by my name and sometimes they are the only people I speak to in a day. It’s a comfort to have this group of caring people on my team – they are so efficient and the fact that they answer within two minutes gives me great peace of mind.”

As a former president of her Rotary club and Thomas the Tank train driver at her local shopping centre, Margaret always has a warm smile and welcomes everyone with open arms.

She also volunteers her time with regional farmers relief and collects essential items for charities, from bottle caps for prosthetic arms to second-hand bras for women in need. MePACS gives Margaret the freedom to get on with her day and do the things she loves.

“To be honest, I believe they are an absolute beacon in a gloomy situation. Ever present, ever comforting, and such a wonderful confidence builder,” she said.

“To absolutely everyone at MePACS, I want to say thank you for your commitment to caring for all those who rely on your daily communication to keep us feeling secure and safe. Your attention to detail while under pressure is also your way of making me feel special and looked after 24/7.”

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now