05 May 20

“You’ve got safety, security and instant assistance.” – Margaret

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

A client of MePACS for 10 years, Margaret is 80 years old and lives independently in her own home in north-western Victoria.

She was advised to take up the MePACS emergency response service following a period of ill health, where she suffered from pneumonia, septicaemia and a mild stroke.

Three years ago, Margaret needed to press her alarm when she tripped on the doorstep and fell hard on the ground.

“I was rushing around the house and obviously not taking care, when I tripped on the front doorstep and fell. I was in so much pain that I thought I had broken my arm,” she said.

 “I pressed the button on my alarm and MePACS was so quick to respond. The monitor advised me to stay where I was and she would call an ambulance right away,” she said.

“Within 10 minutes the ambulance was here and my granddaughter arrived at much the same time as MePACS had also called to tell her what happened.”

Margaret is glad to have the extra support that MePACS provides, allowing her to live on her own.

“I’m not afraid of living by myself as I have the added security of the MePACS response service,” she said.

“You’ve got safety, security and instant assistance. If I am feeling sick or have a fall, I know I can press my MePACS alarm and help will be on the way.”

“I have so few concerns now because I know how quickly MePACS will respond to me.”

Now that Margaret knows help is available 24/7 through the MePACS service, her family are also reassured.

“MePACS gives my family peace of mind. It’s great that they also feel confident in the emergency response service.”

Concerned about the safety of her friends, Margaret  recommends MePACS to help them feel secure in their own home too.

“I have and will continue to recommend MePACS. So many of my friends are having operations, particularly hip operations, and I’m always telling them that they should get a MePACS personal alarm. It is so essential to helping me feel safe.”

Margaret is generous, enthusiastic and a social butterfly – from hydrotherapy and U3A to volunteering at her local Probus Club for 12 years.

“I’m always out and about. I used to volunteer at my community centre for 15 years, and now I’m involved with the Probus Club. We have monthly meetings, lunches and outings to socialise and current affairs discussions on a Friday. It’s wonderful to participate and meet so many different people.”

She is proud to wear her MePACS alarm and knows how important it is to her independent living.

“I never take my MePACS alarm off now, it’s always with me.”

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