21 Nov 18

“I feel safer at work, now that I have a MePACS Duress Alarm.” – Matthew, Senior Clinician

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Matt Baynes is a Senior Clinician in the Adult Community Mental Health team at Peninsula Health, and plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive care to patients with mental health conditions. His work involves various responsibilities, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management of patients’ mental health needs.

“With our job, we do have clients who can be quite aggressive towards us, because of their illness, and they don’t feel like we need to help them. We have had a couple of incidences when we have had to press the alarm for further assistance as we are by ourselves and quite vulnerable. The MePACS Duress Alarm gives people like me who are lone workers peace of mind that they are safe  –  it’s practical and hands-on and it means we can get the help we need straight away.”

Matt says that he is more confident now going into a client’s house because if something did happen, he feels like he’s not alone”.

“Unlike a mobile phone, you can quickly press the button for help, you don’t have to go through your contacts and unlock your mobile phone, and it’s very simple and crucially a lot quicker. I can press the alarm, speak to someone straight away and get help I need quickly.”

“I feel the MePACS duress alarm gives me peace of mind and I feel safer at work, knowing I can go to work confident that I can come home safe to my family,” said Matt.



The MePACS Duress Personal Alarm

The Duress Alarm is beneficial for lone workers, people working in the community, are isolated, or work at night, and includes 24/7 emergency response by trained professionals. Our response centre is based in Melbourne, but we are open around-the-clock, and provide support to businesses all across Australia.

In the event of an incident, violence, assault, fire, or even a medical emergency for you or a client, you just need to press the button to alert the MePACS response centre. A trained operator will respond within 2 minutes and talk to you through the alarm. We then take the necessary actions, either calling your manager, security team or emergency services. We also stay in contact with you until help arrives.

Our Duress Alarms include the following features:

  • Quick and simple to use  – One button activation
  • 4G technology
  • GPS location
  • 2-way voice communications via the alarm 
  • Fall detection
  • Rain and splash proof
  • Small and lightweight – only 28g
  • Lanyard and belt clip attachment

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