08 Sep 20

“The MePACS Solo watch certainly does give me peace of mind.” – Merryl

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Our client Merryl is new to the MePACS service, but she already notices the difference that the MePACS Solo watch has made to her living independently.

Using her home care funding, she can now benefit from the reassurance and 24/7 support that our discreet and convenient personal alarm watch provides.

“I decided to get a MePACS Solo watch on the advice of my doctor and daughter as I have completely lost my hearing and now require a cochlear implant,” she said.

“My balance organ in both ears has been compromised as well which makes me very unsteady on my feet. If my husband is outside gardening and I need help, I know I can get assistance from MePACS if required.”

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As she is profoundly deaf, Merryl wanted a personal alarm that could accommodate her to her needs, but was also stylish and comfortable to wear on her wrist all day.

The Solo watch also has a vibration function for alerts, so it is easier for Merryl to feel and respond.

“The watch face is easy to read, and the vibration function in particular is very helpful as it lets me know that a signal for help has gone through to the MePACS emergency response team, when the watch needs to be charged and to get up and move around.”

MePACS helps the mind and body

Keeping active is an important part of a healthy and happy lifestyle, and Merryl enjoys that the MePACS Solo helps with her daily fitness.

“My grandson is a physiotherapist and he is always making sure I am walking around throughout my day, so it’s quite handy that the Solo watch has little reminders to let you know that you’ve been sitting down for too long,” she said.

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now

“Technology can be a bit confusing to get your head around sometimes, but the MePACS Solo has been simplified to make it easy to use and my younger family members have helped me out. I am very grateful to have their support.”

Merryl is in her 80s, so she primarily uses the MePACS Solo as a personal alarm at home or when out and about with her husband.

“My husband is with me most of the time but if he does go outside and I’m inside, the Solo watch certainly does give me peace of mind.”

MePACS understands family values

Merryl’s daughter Tracey agrees that the MePACS service was a great choice to help her mum.

“We chose the MePACS Solo for mum because we wanted a personal alarm watch that is connected to a 24/7 emergency response service. The response team have been so friendly and understanding, particularly with mum being hard of hearing, and it’s good to know they are there to support her whenever she needs.”

The fact that the team are also trained to assess the level of help that mum requires is quite valuable – whether they call me, another family member or an emergency service, we know they’ve made an informed decision as to who can help mum the most in any medical situation. The response is fast and efficient, and it really does take the pressure off in knowing a professional is there to help.”

MePACS have a duty of care to ensure our clients can access the service and easily raise an alert on the most appropriate device for them in the event of an emergency.

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now