17 Apr 19

“MePACS is worth it for your safety.” – Val

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Val has been a MePACS customer for several years and talks about how the MePACS Mobile Alarm has made her feel safer and more secure when she leaves the house.

Val tells us that because she had a stroke her balance had been badly compromised, that’s when she chose to take up the MePACS 24/7 response alarm service.

Val always wears her mobile personal alarm when out and about

The MePACS mobile alarm unit is with Val where ever she goes; “It’s always within reach. Whenever I walk around the block… or next door, it’s always with me. I can even go (on holiday) to the Gold Coast with it and it will still work.” Said Val.

Val has great confidence and high praise for the MePACS Response Centre;

“The MePACS staff are very friendly, very considerate…. I have no hesitation in using it at all”

Val’s family and doctor are also so relieved she has the security of her MePACS alarm; My doc said, that’s the greatest thing for you!”

“I feel so much stronger more secure in myself having this little thing around my neck… if I need you I can use you

If it’s worth it for your safety – it’s worth it”. Said Val.

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