14 Jan 21

“MePACS is like a second carer for dad.” – Nicole, carer of Frederick

Alayna Hansen | Carer , Testimonials

The role of a carer is one of great compassion and generosity.

Nicole’s dad Frederick has only recently joined MePACS, but both of them have already enjoyed the benefits of a personal alarm monitored by a reliable 24/7 emergency response service.

“We bought an autodialler alarm for my parents two years ago, the one that selects to phone family or a friend,” explains Nicole.

“Since dad has been alone, it has sat in the box – he is fully cognitive and uses a mobile phone and technology so he was just not interested. Revisiting alarms again for Dad after a hospitalisation made us realise we have now progressed past that type of personal alarm.”

To ensure her dad felt comfortable, safe, and independent in his own home Nicole knew an efficient response was needed in a personal alarm service.

“A monitored personal alarm with real people, who are trained and can quickly assess the situation and determine what help is needed is the way to go. We have confidence in MePACS and are grateful they can support dad in his wishes – he wants to stay at home as long as possible.”

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“The MePACS service is answering all of our needs. Dad decided himself that he needed an extra layer of support if he fell and couldn’t reach his mobile or home phone. He also knew that MePACS would help him maintain his independence as much as he can, while his needs and mobility change over time.”

Nicole says her dad makes sure to press his ‘daily call’ button every day to check in with the emergency response team, especially after he had a recent fall.

“We were especially grateful for MePACS when dad fell in the bathroom. He slipped when transferring from his wheelchair and could not get up. As he was wearing his MePACS pendant on his wrist, he pressed the button immediately and let them know that he was okay, there was no pain but that he needed someone to help him back up.”

“We had an ambulance come just in case to assess dad for injury and by the time they gave him the all-clear, our afternoon carer arrived. Dad was so thankful to constantly have people around him who were professional but also cared about his comfort and safety.”

The outcome in this instance was a relief for Nicole and her dad, but there are many times where forgetting to wear a personal alarm has put other seniors at risk.

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now

“I cannot stress enough that a personal alarm should be worn as much as possible – if it’s not on your person, then you’re not using it to its full potential,” warns Nicole.

“As someone who has experience in aged care and now palliative care, I have heard about how people have not been able to get to their alarm in time and have injured themselves more in the process.”

Nicole is an experienced End-Of-Life Doula supporting individuals and families faced with terminal illness.

“My non-medical role is to support & accompany the dying at home or within medicalised systems as a subset of the palliative care model. For me, it’s navigating help for people to live well while dying and offer compassionate human-centred care, in alignment with what they want, need and value. My practical and personal experiences help people know their options, plan, make personalised choices and feel like someone has their back.”

MePACS gives our clients and their carers the peace of mind they deserve with our range of home, mobile and watch alarms – relieving the stress of worrying about an emergency situation while living alone.

“Client-centred care is essential. We both know the human touch really makes a difference and MePACS has become like a second carer for dad. It’s another line of safety and helps take the worry out of what might happen if there was no one that dad could call on when he needs medical assistance.”

Nicole also says MePACS is a “great service” to include in a home care package and provides peace of mind to everyone in their family.

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now

“While I am dad’s primary carer, there are some instances where I can’t physically be with him all the time as I still work and care for my own son and mother in aged care residence. MePACS gives me access to real-time information and helps me plan ahead, whether dad needs me immediately or someone else can help.”

“Having someone from the MePACS team be so calm and reassuring and check on dad when he needs help is a wonderful assistance and comfort to our family.”

Nicole and her dad love sitting in the garden, listening to the radio and spending time with their loved ones. Together, they feel they have made the right choice to aid his senior living for years to come.

MePACS can help you or your loved one have the peace of mind you need, just like Nicole and Frederick. For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now