21 Nov 18

“MePACS provides a sense of safety and security.” – Nikki, Occupational Therapist

MePACS Team | Health & Wellbeing , Testimonials

Nikki an OT from Peninsula Health recommends the MePACS alarm service

Nikki is an Occupational Therapist working for Peninsula Health.  Her main role is to help seniors and people with disabilities return home from rehabilitation and hospital to ensure they can live independently in their own homes. She also looks at her patients home environment and assesses whether the space is safe for them to live in and provide any recommendations to assist them to continue to live safely.

Nikki recommends MePACS as it provides peace of mind to patients and their families as there is always help available should they need it in an emergency situation.  “The MePACS personal alarm service provides a sense of safety and security to patients returning home.” Often when patients who do not have the personal alarms they do not have the timely help they need. “MePACS gives you a quicker response and get you the help you need”

Nikki also has high praise for the MePACS Mobile alarm service, which she says “allows patients to go outside of the home and out into the community, it is so important for patients to keep active”.

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