04 Dec 19

“We now feel more at ease knowing that immediate assistance can be sought for mum and dad.” – Philip

MePACS Team | Carers , Testimonials

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Philip’s elderly parents Kevin & Esma are in their early 90’s and live independently in their own home. They took up both the home & mobile MePACS service in May 2018 as they “wanted the security of knowing that they had an alarm on them that could be used instantly in the case of an emergency”.

They were also attracted to the MePACS alarm service as assistance was available for them anytime day or night, they also liked the simplicity of help being only a press of a button away.

Esma had to press her MePACS alarm in an emergency situation twice now.

Earlier this year Esma had fallen over and Kevin wasn’t physically able to help Esma off the ground. Kevin pressed his MePACS pendent and the MePACS response monitor quickly responded and arranged an ambulance to attend to Esma. The paramedics helped Esma off the floor and assessed her before giving her the clearance to remain at home.


There was also another time last month when Esma pressed her alarm needing the MePACS assistance when she felt incredibly cold and the left-hand side of her body began shaking, she was also experiencing a dry mouth and difficulty speaking (mild to severe slurring to point of it being incomprehensible). Esma was taken to hospital where she stayed overnight for observation.

Philip says that he his family members “now feel easier knowing that because (his) mum and dad have the alarms on them, immediate assistance can be sought even if in their time of need, they can’t contact another family member.’

Philip says he would definitely recommend the MePACS alarm service to others with elderly parents as they are so confident the system works and they feel peace of mind knowing that his parents are ‘no longer alone’.

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