02 Aug 19

How a Fast Stroke Response Saves Lives

Sally Withers | Client , MePACS News , Testimonials

Last year, Ron had the terrible misfortune of suffering a stroke. Home alone, Ron began to feel an extreme sensation of pain and understood that something wasn’t right.

Thankfully, he had a personal alarm around his neck. Thinking quickly, Ron pressed the button and dispatched the emergency assistance that he required.

“The one thing I had in my favour was that when I pressed the MePACS alarm button, straight away I got a response,” he said.

Sonya – one of our trained professionals – answered the call within 30 seconds. The fast response meant that Ron was able to explain what was happening and that he needed urgent assistance. Sonya identified that Ron may be having a stroke and as such, dispatched the ambulance that arrived within just ten minutes of the button being pressed.

Ron believes that this level of service – and its blazing speed – helped to save his life.

“That was what saved me – it was the quickness of the response from MePACS that saved my life”.

Sonya was professional throughout the exchange and says that the relief in Ron’s voice was palpable. Calling upon her training, she helped Ron in a reassuring and effective way.

It’s incredibly comforting for people in a stressful situation to hear a human voice. It can be very calming and help the person to think logically and avoid exacerbating their current condition.

Recalling the event some days after, Sonya said “You could tell that he was a lot less anxious, just from that phone call.”

Our solution is a personal alarm service unlike any other. The alarm links directly to a manned call centre which means that users are immediately patched through to a real human being. This contact can really make or break a situation – it means that users get to explain their situation and request help, but it’s also incredibly calming.

By providing an understanding and calming professional in a time of need, the situation is vastly improved. This approach is particularly effective when compared to non-monitored alarms given that the user can explain exactly what is happening and give critical information.

The appropriate response can then be formulated and the user has the best possible chance of getting the help that they need. In Ron’s case, Sonya was able to speak with Ron and get a better understanding of exactly what was happening.

Ron and Sonya both understand that it was the human touch that really helped to make this exchange an effective and successful one.

Saving Time with Information

Another huge advantage of our system is that the user’s details are stored. This means that if the patient is unable to communicate, an informed decision can be made. In Ron’s case, the seconds that were saved thanks to those records could have been the difference between live and death.

Easy Access to the Home

Our key-safe technology also helped to save time and expedite contact between Ron and the emergency services. Given that Ron was in such terrible pain, he would not have been able to make his way to the door. Thankfully, our technology gave the paramedics easy access to Ron.

Our system also helped by alerting Ron’s loved ones. After the ambulance was dispatched, a message was immediately sent to Garry (Ron’s friend who lives nearby) and Ron’s brother who lives in Sydney.

This meant that everybody was informed and updated and by the time that Garry arrived at Ron’s house, the paramedics were already on the scene and working to help Ron.

Thankful for the MePACS Service

Ron explains that it’s often easy to take our personal alarms for granted and almost see them as being invisible.

“You don’t really acknowledge what it can do for you unless something really goes wrong,” he said.

“It was that little button that saved me. That’s what it’s all about. That thing is magical.”

As you can see, our system is incredibly effective and it can really spell the different between life and death. Ron was incredibly fortunate to have survived the stroke and made a fantastic recovery – this story is repeated thousands of times each year across Australia too.

If you are considering purchasing a personal safety alarm for yourself or a loved one, you should be sure to get in touch with us today. It will be our pleasure to walk you through the service and exactly what it can do for you.

Health is a wonderful thing and it’s important that we preserve it as much as possible. Equipping yourself or a loved one with a personal alarm means that you can continue to live as independently and carefree as possible.


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