27 May 20

“A MePACS alarm is one of the best things we have in the house.” – Raeleen

MePACS Team | Carers , Testimonials

Raeleen and Colin live together in regional Victoria, and they are both grateful to have the peace of mind that comes with a 24/7 personal alarm service.

Colin had a couple of falls in the last few years, and Raeleen was concerned if something should happen when she is out.

“Only a short while after getting a MePACS alarm, my husband had a fall and he pressed the button for help. MePACS responded to his call, ringing a neighbour and myself so we could assist him,” said Raeleen.

“I was concerned about his hips so we called an ambulance to assist. MePACS followed up later that day to ask if Colin was okay. We really appreciated that.”

With a professional team to answer signals for help around the clock, MePACS are trusted by senior Australians to help them feel secure in their own home.

“MePACS makes us both feel safe and relieved. Knowing Colin has help at hand when I’m not there makes life so much better and enjoyable for me,” said Raeleen.

“We didn’t expect that we would use it, but we have and I believe it is one of the best things we have in the house.”

“It certainly puts my mind at rest when I go out and my husband is very happy that he can wear it every day.”

The couple love to spend time together, but Raeleen ventures out on her own sometimes and is glad to have MePACS looking out for Colin in her absence.

“I recommend MePACS to other wives who often leave their husbands when they go out. MePACS takes the worry out of leaving Colin alone, and if I visit friends, go shopping or attend appointments, I know he has someone on call to assist him.”

“It has also given him peace of mind, knowing he has only to press a button and he can get emergency help. The ease of use is wonderful.”

Raeleen and Colin are two peas in a pod – living independently, they know they can rely on MePACS whenever they need.

“Thank you MePACS. We appreciate your care and commitment to my husband.”

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