29 Jul 21

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for MePACS.” – Shirley 

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Our lovely client Shirley joined the MePACS service after experiencing a fall. She now enjoys great peace of mind every day, knowing that her safety, health and well-being are prioritised by real people who provide genuine care and empathy.

When Shirley decided to join the MePACS emergency service, maintaining her independence and staying at home was her top priority. “I wanted to set myself up so there was no way anyone was going to move me into a nursing home. MePACS was the first thing I needed for my security,” said Shirley.

“Having a MePACS personal alarm makes me feel that my plans are in action. It makes me feel safe and self-sufficient, because I am the one making sure I can still live independently and not have to worry my family at all. I’m really glad that MePACS started me on my journey of looking after myself in my senior years.” 

MePACS to the rescue

Shirley got to test the MePACS service when she unfortunately experienced a fall in the hallway at home and couldn’t get up.

“I don’t remember much except for pressing my MePACS alarm despite the pain I was in. While I was lying on the floor, the response team quickly called my neighbour and an ambulance which was here in minutes. I was so relieved,” said Shirley.

“MePACS saved my life actually. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for MePACS because nobody would have come to check on me. It’s an excellent service.” 

Thanks to the quick response from our experienced emergency response team, Shirley was taken to a hospital by ambulance for treatment and made a full recovery. The response team also kept Shirley’s family informed about the fall and her emergency visit to the hospital.

Joining the ‘Daily Call’ service

Since experiencing the fall, Shirley has chosen to add an extra layer of safety by taking up the MePACS ‘daily call’ service. every morning Shirley gets a call reminder and has to press the alarm button to let MePACS know that she’s okay. If she doesn’t press the button by 11am, she knows that MePACS will do whatever is required to confirm her safety and wellbeing.

“It’s nice to have a reminder in the mornings that MePACS care about my well-being. I feel confident to live alone and go about my day, so I recommend a MePACS alarm to anyone who wants to feel safer at home and have great peace of mind.”

Shirley is glad to have the extra reassurance if she was to have another fall or feel unwell. “I can quickly signal for help without having to get to my phone. A real person is there to answer within seconds to check if I’m okay – it doesn’t matter what time it is. They’re always very friendly and polite.”

Joining the ‘Daily Call’ service

Shirley enjoys kitting and spending time outside in her garden. With her MePACS home alarm, she more confident working around the house and in the garden and can focus on doing what she loves best.

“My MePACS pendant is always sitting here around my neck quite comfortably. I wear it in the shower, and when I’m out in the backyard, so I know I’m covered if I have another fall.”

Join MePACS and enjoy the safety and security you deserve. Call our friendly team on 1800 685 329 for more information or Join Now.