"I feel reassured that if I have a fall again..." - Theresa


21 Jan 19

“I feel reassured that if I have a fall again, I have my MePACS alarm now.” – Theresa

MePACS Team | NDIS , Testimonials

Theresa has Friedrich’s Ataxia which means she is wheelchair bound but still lives independently in her own home.

Theresa had quite a nasty fall earlier last year and this was when she decided she needed more support, as she no longer felt safe living alone in her home.

“When I fell on the floor earlier last year, I was concerned that if I didn’t have my phone with me I wouldn’t have been able to ring for help.”

It worried Theresa to think that if she fell over again, how long it would take someone to find her and get help.

“This incident encouraged me get additional support in case I was to fall over again and prompted me to take up the MePACS service. I need the assistance of someone I could rely on anytime day or at night.”

Keeping her independence is extremely important to Theresa and having MePACS with her at home allows her to feel safe and secure.

I am so thankful to have MePACS. I feel reassured that they are here with me anytime I need emergency help, and I am safer in my own home.”

I feel reassured that if I have a fall again I have the MePACS alarm around my neck which I can press and I will get help right away,” she said.

“I always make sure I have my MePACS on me as I don’t want to think what may happen if I forget to have it with me when I may need help.”

“My family are also so happy that I have the support of MePACS, as they don’t live that close to me and used to worry lot, so it’s given them peace of mind too.”

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