03 Jul 19

“I have peace of mind now that mum has a MePACS Personal Alarm.” – Valerie

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Valerie’s mum Ema is 92 years of age and lives with her and her husband in Melbourne.

“My mum is prone to falls and also has Asthma and Arthritis, so we decided she needed to have some added security in place for those times when I’m not at home.

We decided on the MePACS alarm service because knowing there are friendly people there to respond to mum within 2 minutes gave us both peace of mind and reassurance.

We all feel more secure now that mum has the alarm. I would definitely recommend MePACS to others who may be considering a personal alarm for themselves or their elderly parents.

Thankfully Mum hasn’t had to use the alarm yet, but having the MePACS service just in case she needs help gives us great peace of mind.

Thank you once again MePACS – you deserve 10 stars!”

MePACS personal alarms have over 43,000 clients who like Ema trust them to keep them safe both in the home & when out and about.

If you fall of feel unwell, help from a trained professional is just the push of a button away. MePACS offers a 24/7 assistance by a real personal within 2 minutes, and unlike autodialler alarms, we share the emergency information with 000 so they can prioritise your call.

Our personal alarms are available as home and mobile alarms – giving you peace of mind when you are at home or out and about.  

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