11 Nov 20

“The MePACS Solo helps me stay active and independent.” – Wendy

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With a bright and bubbly personality, our client Wendy loves participating in social groups and activities within her community. In fact, it was a local senior’s group that helped her join the MePACS service. 

I was introduced to MePACS around 10 years ago. My local Rotary Club sponsored me at first and I will be ever grateful to them for helping me join such an essential service. 

Back then, Wendy realised that she was experiencing some health issues and wanted extra piece of mind in her future retirement years. 

I was close to 50 years old and had difficulty walking. I suffer with several complaints including Spina bifida and Arachnoiditis which affects the nerve endings. 

Wendy’s health will always remain important to her, so getting a MePACS personal alarm was a great choice, ensuring that she can call for help when in a medical emergency.  

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“Having a MePACS alarm makes me feel very safe and secure. I have pressed my alarm several times for help over the years including falls and once when I was anaphylactic after taking penicillin.”  

Wendy has since chosen the MePACS Solo, a stylish and discreet personal alarm on the Samsung Galaxy watch to keep her safe while out and about. 

“I wanted a personal alarm that I could take out shopping with me, or to see my friends, and I would have it just in case anything happened. It’s another way for me to feel more secure while I do the things that I enjoy.” 

Wendy puts on the Solo watch as part of her morning routine and switches to her MePACS home alarm when it charges at night. She says it helps her stay “active and independent.” 

“The Solo watch is quite a fashion piece, and the rose gold band is very pliable. I also love that it has gentle reminders to keep me exercising – it motivates me to move in the mornings and even says I’ve done a great job after physio!” 

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now

With her home alarm and Solo watch bundle, Wendy can be even more independent in her community and knows that MePACS are there to help her 24/7, wherever she may be. 

“The MePACS team are fantastic. The response from the staff has been quick and efficient, whether they call an ambulance or my contacts when I need emergency help. It really sets my mind at ease to have MePACS looking out for me.” 

Not only does Wendy have the confidence to continue her active lifestyle, but her family and friends are reassured that her safety and well-being is in good hands with MePACS. 

My family live both ends of the state but are very pleased to know that I have the security of my alarm and friends who keep an eye on me. I live in a block of four units and have very good neighbours.  

In her spare time, Wendy also likes to knit, cook delicious dishes, and stay connected with her loved ones online. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank MePACS for everything and I love how they send us a card for our birthday and Christmas. 

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now