22 Apr 21

“I am so impressed with the MePACS service.” – Yvonne

Alayna Hansen | Client , Testimonials

MePACS home and mobile alarms continue to help our clients feel safe and secure at home and away, and that is certainly the case for Yvonne.

Yvonne joined the MePACS service in 2016, when she decided to prioritise her personal health and safety while living independently in her own home. With her furry friend Tuppy by her side, she knew a personal alarm would be the ideal safety companion.

“I had arthritis in my feet, and on two occasions I couldn’t even get out of bed. I realised I had no way of contacting anyone for help, and that’s when I knew I really needed a personal alarm.”

Recently, Yvonne unfortunately experienced a few medical emergencies in the space of two months. But each time, she had the MePACS emergency response team to rely on for efficient and reliable help.

“One of the symptoms of my medical conditions is getting the shakes, and it can happen so violently that I can’t form words properly. So I pressed my pendant and MePACS called my sister-in-law and the ambulance for me. I was impressed that my contacts and the ambulance all arrived within 20 minutes, arranged by MePACS.”

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The second time, Yvonne says she can only describe the pain as an “acute attack of sciatica” down her right side. At the press of a button, the MePACS team assessed her situation and called her on-call doctor, who monitored her condition and stayed on the line until her symptoms subsided.

“I do not know what I would have done without MePACS. And the fact that I live alone is why I think a personal alarm is an absolute necessity to have. I don’t have to rely on anyone else, because I know I am guaranteed a response from MePACS 24/7. When you think about it, MePACS may just save your life.”

“Each time, the response was very quick. My emergency contacts were notified with such speed so they were able to help me with my crisis on both occasions.”

Yvonne is especially grateful for her personal alarms and feels like a valued client of MePACS. Join our service today or call 1800 685 329 for more information.

Yvonne says she is lucky to have both MePACS home and mobile alarms, allowing her to feel safer at home or out and about.

“I always have my Home Alarm around my neck, and I wear it in the shower too. When I go out, then I switch it for the MePACS Mobile Alarm and I can even take that on holiday with me.”

 mobile unitWith automatic falls detection and GPS location technology, the MePACS Mobile Alarm is a simple and effective personal alarm that is designed to keep you safe when you are out and about.

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“I am very impressed with the MePACS service. For me, it’s the security in knowing that whether I am at home or away, I have help from MePACS. It’s just the press of one button – easy and simple.”

“I absolutely recommend MePACS just for peace of mind, particularly if you live on your own, because it’s that safety net. Knowing that you get an instant response is so important, and I feel so much safer in my own home because I have MePACS constantly looking out for me.”

The Home and Mobile Alarm bundle is ideal for anyone who wants to feel safe and secure, whether at home and away. Call our sales team on 1800 685 329 or visit for more information.