11 Dec 23

Australian 3G Network Shutdown: Everything you need to know

MePACS Team | News & Updates

Australia’s three major telcos have began work on decommissioning their 3G mobile networks, with the final shutdown for Telstra and Optus scheduled for June 20234. In fact, Vodafone has announced in December 2023 that they have already shut their 3G network down.

As the 20-year-old 3G network is switched off, mobile phones and other connected devices will be impacted, including medical-alert technology like MePACS alarms, old mobile phones, baby monitors, and even farming equipment.

The impact on MePACS alarms

The 3G shutdown impacts some of our old home alarms and mobile alarms. Old 3G alarms will no longer work after the 3G network has beed decomissioned.The Solo watch is not impacted as it already operates on the 4G network.

Over the past year, MePACS have been contacting clients with older 3G alarms to let them know that their alarm need to be upgraded with a 4G model. 90% of our clients have already upgraded.

We are upgrading old home alarms and guiding users through any necessary steps to ensure continuity of service post the 3G network shutdown in June 2024. Clients are encouraged to visit MePACS’ informational resource for further details:

What does the 3G shut down mean for my MePACS service?

The impact on connectivity

As the 3G mobile network shuts off nationwide, users will who still have 3G devices will lose their connection. They will not be unable to access the 4G network on their old devices and won’t connect to our 24/7 monitored call centre or emergency services, including Triple Zero.

How we can help

If your personal alarm operates on the 3G network and needs to be upgraded, we will contact you directly to let you know. If your service is funded through a Home Care or NDIS Package, you Case Manager will also communicate with you about necessary device upgrades.

We understand that these changes can cause worry, but we are here to help. We want to ensure a smooth transition, securing continued connectivity to our Emergency Response team for all MePACS clients.