Duress Alarms

Lone worker with duress alarm

Duress Alarms provide safety and support for lone healthcare workers


Up to 95% of healthcare workers have experienced assault at work.

The MePACS duress alarm is a compact and discreet wearable device that can be used to quickly send a signal for help in an emergency. Unlike an auto-dial alarm, it is monitored 24/7 by our Australian emergency response centre, where trained operators are ready to assess the incident, provide support, and take the appropriate actions swiftly.

The duress alarm is equipped with GPS, providing the monitoring team with the user’s last know location, and 2-way voice communication, enabling direct conversation through the device in real-time.

The MePACS Duress Alarm provides a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that there’s a reliable and responsive support system in place in an emergency or other distressing situation.

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How does a MePACS Duress Alarm work?

press personal alarm icon

Press the button

Wear the alarm at all times and press the help button to call for help if under duress

speak to operator icon

MePACS responds

A trained monitor will respond within 2 minutes and talk to you through the device

chat icon

Assessing the situation

The monitor will assess you needs based on the situation and your conversation

phone call icon

We take action

We take appropriate action – call your Manager, security or emergency services

Duress alarm close up

Who can benefit from a duress alarm


Work related violence and other emergency incidents can happen in any industry, but predominantly occur in the health and community sectors, and also in aged care, social work and real estate. Employers have a duty of care to protect lone workers who may exposed to potentially hazardous working environments.

By investing in MePACS fully monitored Duress Alarms, employers can help mitigate risks and enhance their workers’ personal safety. Duress Alarms can also increase staff retention and morale, and reduce stress and sick leave. In fact, over 90% of MePACS Duress clients say they feel more supported by their organisation, and 80% feel safer at work, knowing that help is always available.

MePACS also works with employers to support the company’s OHS policies, and provides services such as checking-in at the start of a shift, and welfare/concern call if a manager is worried about a worker.

MePACS duress alarm features

Duress alarm features

The MePACS Duress Alarm System is designed to provide 24/7 safety anywhere in Australia where there’s good 4G mobile network coverage. It consists of a small wearable device, a charger, and 2 attachments for either a lanyard or a belt clip.

The alarm is very easy to use – a single button press is all you need to do when calling for help.


  • 4G technology
  • GPS location
  • Falls detection (can be deactivated)
  • 2-way voice communication with MePACS via the alarm
  • Simple one-button activation
  • Devices can be shared by a team
  • Small and Lightweight: 70.7 mm (h) x 41.5 mm (w) x 17.3 mm (d), only 28g
  • Does not require NBN, a phone line or a mobile phone
  • Rain and splash resistant
  • 24+ hours battery power
  • Visual and audible indicators

Duress Alarm Demonstration

MePACS emergency responders at work

24/7 Monitoring by trained professionals

With over 30 years’ experience in Australian healthcare, MePACS is a trusted and reliable provider of Monitored Personal Alarms. Unlike auto-dial alarms which rely on preprogrammed contacts to respond, the MePACS emergency response centre is open 24/7, and every call is promptly handled by trained operators who respond within 2 minutes.

Our monitors assess the situation, provide care and reassurance, and take appropriate and effective actions as needed. If emergency services are required MePACS will provide them with the location and other relevant information so they can tailor the response and prioritise the call.

During the emergency call, we keep contact with you until we know help has arrived. All conversations via the duress alarms are recorded and available upon request to be used for police or legal situations.

MePACS is 100% Australian owned and based, so all data is secure and remains in Australia. As a division of Peninsula Health our profits got back to the Australian public healthcare network.


Keep your details up-to-date

The safety of you and your colleagues is our top priority, so keeping your information current is vital to our service.

If any details, such as contact numbers, alarm users, office address, nominated contacts etc. are no longer correct, please keep us in the loop as soon as possible to help ensure a safer environment for everyone. 

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MePACS Mobile Alarm with attachments

Warranty and returns

The Mobile Alarm comes with a standard 12-month warranty which covers manufacturing faults or defects.
Please note that the warranty will not apply if:
  • The device or charger have been opened, modified or tampered with.
  • The alarm was not used according to our instructions.
  • The alarm was damaged due to physical impact, fire or excessive heat.
  • The alarm has been submerged in water.

If your alarm is no longer under warranty, or the damage is not covered by the warranty conditions, contact us to discuss your options.

Returning a Duress Alarm:

  1. If there’s a fault with your alarm, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the alarm user guide.
  2. Call the MePACS Help Desk on 1800 572 177 to report the fault.
  3. Send the alarm and all attachments back to MePACS.
  4. Our workshop will diagnose the issue, repair or replace equipment and post the alarm back to you by express post.

When returning your Duress Alarm for repair, please return all items (device, power supply, charger and cable) to:
MePACS Workshop
Frankston VIC 3199

Our clients

These are some of the organisations who are using the MePACS Duress Alarm
MePACS Duress alarm clients

What Our Clients Say

“The MePACS alarm gives me such peace of mind. I feel confident that I can go to work and come home safe to my family.”

Matt is a senior clinician at Peninsula Health and works out in the community. He sometimes feels vulnerable visiting patients alone and says that the MePACS Duress Alarm makes him feel more confident and like he’s not alone.

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“MePACS Duress Alarms have made our staff feel safer working within the community.”
Northern health
"I would definitely recommend MePACS to others working out in the community."