Duress Alarms

Duress Alarms

A Duress Alarm system can help improve lone worker safety


MePACS offer a 24/7 fast response duress alarm service, which is ideal for lone workers and those who work in the community, at night or are isolated. It’s a fully monitored service responded to by trained professionals, so you can be assured that when assistance is required, we get the right help to your team quickly.

See how the MePACS Duress Alarm Works 

In the event of an accident, violence, assault, fire or medical emergency, time is of the essence. Once the alarm is pressed, we’ll contact you within 2 minutes to find out what help you need and call a manager, security team or emergency service on your behalf.

Up to 95% of healthcare workers have experienced assault at work.

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Who benefits from a Duress Alarm?

Work related violence can happen in any industry, but predominantly occurs in the health and community sectors, aged care, social and real estate. Employers have a duty of care to protect and keep their teams safe.

  • We work with you to support your OHS policies
  • 80% of clients with a MePACS duress alarm feel safer at work
  • Over 90% of MePACS Duress clients say they feel more supported by their organisation offering them a duress alarm
  • A Duress Alarm System can increase staff retention, morale, reduce stress and sick leave
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MePACS Mobile Duress Alarm

Duress Alarm can be worn around your neck or clipped to your pants

  • Quick one-button activation
  • 24/7 Emergency Response by Trained Professionals
  • 4G Alarm with GPS technology
  • Fall detection with automatic alerts sent to MePACS
  • Splash proof
  • Two-way voice communication with MePACS via the alarm
  • Devices can be shared by a team
  • Lightweight  – Alarm Dimensions: 65 mm (h) x 40 mm (w) x 20 mm (d) and 58 gms

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You’re safer at work with the MePACS Duress Service

MePACS – your 24/7 Duress Alarm Service for lone workers, with guaranteed response by trained professionals

The MePACS response service is available anytime of the day or night to respond to your alert. We will respond within 2 minutes, so you have the ultimate peace of mind knowing help is always on hand when you need it. Our team of trained professionals will keep in contact with you during a duress situation until we know help has arrived.

All conversations via the duress alarms are recorded and available upon request to be used for police or legal situations.

We are based in Australia and all data is held within Australia, so you can be reassured all information is secure.

MePACS is also backed by an Australian public health service, so we care about your safety and welfare.

MePACS 4G Duress Alarms

Why choose a MePACS Duress Alarm for your team of lone workers?

  • Simple to use
  • One-button activation
  • Two-way voice communication with our response centre
  • GPS Tracking, so we can get help to you fast
  • Easy to charge

How does a MePACS Duress Alarm work?

press personal alarm icon

Press the button

Wear the alarm at all times and press the duress button to call for help if under duress

speak to operator icon

Receive help

We’ll speak to you via the alarm unit within 2 minutes

chat icon

MePACS assess the situation

We’ll identify what help you need

phone call icon

We take action

MePACS can call your Manager, security team or 000

What Our Clients Say

“MePACS gave me the reassurance to know that I could come back into work the next day.”

Sarah works alone as a Pathology Collector at Clinical Labs. When a patient became agitated one day and it quickly became an emergency situation, she knew she could rely on MePACS to help.

Click here to read Sarah’s story

What Our Clients Say

The MePACS alarm gives me such peace of mind. I feel confident that I can go to work and come home safe to my family.”

Matthew is a senior clinician at Peninsula Health and works out in the community. He often feels vulnerable visiting patients alone and says that the MePACS Duress Alarm gives him the peace of mind that if an incident did occur, he can get help quickly. 

Click here to read Matthew’s story

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Over 50% of Melbourne’s Public Hospitals are using the MePACS Duress Alarm, as well as other industries such as general practitioners, councils, real estate and employment services. 

How does a Duress Alarm system work?

In the event of an accident, violent incident, assault, fire or emergency, you can press your MePACS alarm and know that someone will respond within 2 minutes to find out what help you need. Our trained response team will then call either a manager, security team or 000.

What is MePACS Duress Alarm Warranty Policy & Process

MePACS Duress Personal Alarm – Warranty Policy and Process Policy

The MePACS Duress alarm offers a 12-month warranty on all equipment supplied that is faulty.

If a fault is reported, the Organisation must return the equipment to MePACS using the free post address.

We will, within 3 working days of receiving the faulty equipment, diagnose, repair or replace the equipment to good working order and mail the repaired or replacement equipment back to The Organisation by express post free of charge. If no fault can be found or the issue is due to user error there may be a charge.

The Organisation shall use the equipment in the manner for which it was intended, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

When damage is caused to the goods by, the elements, failure or fluctuation of electric power, unauthorised use of the equipment, wilful abuse or negligent, MePACS obligation to repair or replace equipment free of charge is not included.

Process for reporting a fault

  1. Check the troubleshooting section on the website and or welcome book
  2. Call 1800 572 177 to report the fault
  3. Complete Returns Form and include with the returned equipment
  4. Send the equipment back to PO BOX 52, Frankston, 3199 (Allow 5 – 7 working days, depending on where you are located)
  5. We will diagnose the issue, repair or replace equipment within 3 working days
  6. MePACS will then post the repaired or replaced equipment back to you by express post. (Allow 3 – 4 working days)

Please allow 14 working days from postage of equipment to return.

What does a Duress Alarm do?

A duress alarm system allows a lone worker to feel confident to get on with their job. Should they need emergency assistance, they just need to press the button on their personal alarm. Some duress safety alarms are connected to internal escalation systems whereas some others are connected to a response service like MePACS.

Consequences of not having a Duress Alarm system?

The personal safety of staff members should be one of the highest priorities for employers. All employees have a right to feel valued, supported and secure whist at work. Companies failing to provide adequate safety measures for their team can in turn have severe consequences. This can range from low staff morale to increased sick leave, mental health issues and staff turnover. Lone workers need to feel supported and this will result in a higher level of productivity.

95% of staff with a MePACS Duress Alarm feel more positive towards their employer by offering this alarm to them.