What does the 3G shut down mean for my MePACS service?

Mobile network providers, such as Telstra, are gradually switching off the 3G network as their customers all move to newer networks, such as 4G and 5G. They will completely switch 3G off in June 2024.

So, how does this affect the MePACS service?

MePACS offer a range of devices with which to connect to our 24/7 Emergency Response Team – our Home Alarm, Mobile or Solo Watch. If you have an older device that operates on the 3G network, we will be in touch with you over the coming months about what you need to do to ensure continuity of service after the networks switch off 3G in 2024.

We understand many people will have questions about this process and what it all means, so we’ve compiled the following FAQs to address some of these. If you have a question that we haven’t answered here or are looking for personalised advice, please contact our Sales Team on 1800 685 329.

What does 3G and 4G mean?

All wireless communication devices, like your mobile phone or MePACS device, connect via a mobile cellular network. 3G is the Third Generation of this network. Each new generation is an upgrade over the previous generations as they improve the technology. 

So, 4G is an upgrade on the 3G wireless mobile telecommunications technology. It works faster and is more reliable. 

Why are we upgrading all 3G devices? 

Some of our older devices including the Home Alarm Base Unit and Mobile Alarm operate on the 3G network, which means they will not connect to the 4G network. So, to maintain reliability of your service, we are working with all affected clients to replace their 3G devices. 

What about 5G? Will I need to upgrade again?

5G networks are already being rolled out, however it will NOT replace 4G. The 4G and 5G networks will continue to work together to provide the best coverage across Australia. So your 4G device will continue to work alongside the 5G network.

How do I know if my Home or Mobile Alarm are 3G or 4G?

MePACS will contact you directly to let you know which of your devices are 3G and need to be upgraded before Telstra disconnects the network. 

If your MePACS service is funded through your Home Care or NDIS Package, you Case Manager will also communicate with you if your device needs to be upgraded.

What about my Solo Watch?

All Solo watches operate on the 4G network, so your device will continue to connect.

When will my Home Alarm upgrade take place?

Firstly, please do not be concerned about your service. MePACS will ensure all 3G base units are upgraded before the network is disconnected. Your service will continue uninterrupted with the same reliable customer care you are accustomed to. 

MePACS are coordinating a team of technicians to complete the upgrade. You are not required to do anything; the technician will take care of the installation of your new 4G Base Unit for you. 

Please do NOT switch off or move your Alarm Base Unit, as this will impact your service. 

When we have a MePACS technician scheduled for your area, they will contact you to arrange a suitable day and time slot for the upgrade. The upgrade process will only take 20-30 minutes.

How do I upgrade my Mobile Alarm?

You or your Case Manager can apply for a new Mobile Alarm via the online form or by calling our friendly Sales Team.

As soon as we receive an application for a new Mobile Alarm, we will process this and arrange to have your new alarm sent out to you.

Please note that your new alarm will NOT work until it is activated. We have done this to ensure your existing device will still connect to the MePACS Emergency Response Team should you need us while you wait for your new alarm to arrive.

Once your new Mobile Alarm arrives, please charge it fully following the instructions and then contact our Helpdesk to activate the alarm.

4G Mobile Alarm Upgrade Form
What if I don't hear from you about upgrading my device?

If MePACS does not contact you about upgrading your 3G device, this means you are already on the 4G network and no change is required.

If you have an older model (grey) Mobile Alarm and wish to upgrade to our new (black) mobile alarm in order to take advantage of it’s new features, please contact our Sales Team. Please rest assured that your existing Mobile Alarm will continue to work though.

How much does the upgrade cost?

Home AlarmAs part of your MePACS Home Alarm maintenance program, we will be upgrading your Home Alarm Base Unit from a 3G model to a 4G model free of charge. There is no change to the monthly fee.

Mobile Alarm – MePACS has released a new 4G Mobile Alarm, which has a number of improvements on the previous version. For those upgrading from a 3G device, we are offering a discounted rate of $352 + postage for the new mobile alarm.

If your Mobile Alarm is funded through your Home Care or NDIS Package, please speak with your Case Manager about allocating funds for your new alarm.

There is no change to the monthly fee.

What are the benefits of the new Mobile Device?

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, MePACS reviewed the existing 3G Mobile Alarm and determined we could make further improvements to the device.  

Features of the new Mobile Alarm include: 

  • Waterproof rating of IP55 – rain and splash-proof  
  • Slim and lightweight design (17mm thick and only 28g)  
  • Inclusion of a belt clip as well as a lanyard  
  • Improved charging cradle for easier and faster charging  
  • Improved battery life in Active Mode*  

Plus all the features you currently enjoy, including:  

  • GPS location tracker  
  • Fall detection  
  • Easy to use, single-button design  
  • Two-way voice communication with our 24/7 MePACS Emergency Response Monitors  

* Note: Actual battery life varies with product settings, conditions, operating environment and usage.

What should I do with my old device?

Your old Home Alarm base unit will be taken away by the technician when they install the new 4G base unit to be disposed of through the e-waste system.

Old Mobile Alarms can also be disposed of through your local e-waste program. Alternately, you can return it to MePACS to dispose of sustainably on your behalf.

Will anything else change?

In life, change is inevitable. However in regards to your MePACS service, no.

Your Home Alarm pendant will continue to operate as usual, it does not need to be changed and the new Base Unit will function just the same as the previous version. If you have any questions about the new unit, please direct them to your technician on your scheduled upgrade day.

Your Mobile Alarm will come with simple operating instructions; but, the same as your current device, if you need to raise an alert, simply give the button a short sharp press to contact the MePACS response team.

There is no change to your monthly fees or how you contact us.

What should I do if I’m having issues with my Home Alarm or Mobile Alarm?

If you are experiencing any problems with your 3G device, please contact our Technical Helpdesk on 1800 451 300.