Monitored Personal Alarms for NDIS Participants

Person with Cerebral Palsy wearing personal alarm

Empowering Independence; Always there when you need us most.

MePACS monitored personal alarms are classified as low-cost assistive technology (AT) that provide safety and support for independent living. With a simple button press, the alarm connects you to our 24/7 emergency response center where our trained professionals respond quickly, take necessary actions to provide effective help, and provide reassurance and support until help arrives.

At MePACS, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy and independent and active life while having access to the support they need. As an NDIS approved provider, we help thousands of NDIS Participants and their families feel safer, knowing that help is available around-the-clock.

NDIS Funding for a Personal Alarm

MePACS alarms fall under the personal alarms NDIA funding code, but funding depends on your participant plan and available funds. If you have AT needs you may have funding in your ‘Consumables’ budget for low-risk, low-cost AT. Funding from ‘Core supports’ can also be used.
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MePACS emergency responders at work

MePACS keeps thousands of people safe every day

With more than 30 years’ experience in Australian healthcare, MePACS is a trusted and reliable provider of monitored personal alarms, caring for 50,000+ clients Australia wide.

Our 24/7 emergency response centre is operated by trained staff who handle every call with care and empathy. They assess the situation, provide reassurance and take the necessary actions quickly and efficiently.

At MePACS, your safety and wellbeing are our top priority. We know that people living with disability have unique needs, and we’re here to support you in living life to the fullest.

Why choose MePACS?

  • Professional staff who are experienced with handling emergency situations.
  • Help is available around the clock, every day of the year.
  • We share vital information with emergency services so they can prioritise the call.
  • We stay in touch until help arrives and inform your nominated contacts.
  • Australian owned and operated with more than 30 years’ experience.
  • No lock-in contracts, cancel any time.

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How does the MePACS service work?


MePACS emergency response 4-step process


MePACS 4G Home Alarm

Home Alarm system

The MePACS home alarm system is designed to use around the home and garden and has a range of approximately 40-50 meters from the base unit. The system includes a small wearable pendant and a base unit that is installed inside the home.

What you get:

  • A waterproof pendant that doesn’t need to be charged.
  • A neck chain and wrist strap for the pendant.
  • Home base unit with 2-way voice communication and a 38+ hours backup battery.
  • SIM card and call charges are included

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We offer 2 installation options:

  • Tech install: By appointment only. Conducted on the premises by an approved technician.
  • Self-install: Done over the phone with a MePACS technician and takes 15-20 minutes. We recommend having a family member, friend or healthcare professional to help with the installation.

Self-Installation:  $29
Professional Installation:  $140 (Available in Metro areas. Contact us for regional areas).

Woman in wheelchair talking on the MePACS mobile personal alarm

Mobile Alarm

The MePACS Mobile Alarm offers a practical way to protect your safety and independence wherever you go. The Mobile Alarm relies on the 4G mobile network and can be used anywhere in Australia where there’s good mobile phone coverage
Features include falls detection, 2-way hands free voice communications, GPS and low battery alerts.

The Mobile Alarm is only available as a bundle with the MePACS Home Alarm, ensuring your safety whether you are at home or away.
You will need to have a MePACS Home Alarm to in order to have the Mobile Alarm. 

Mobile Alarms features:

  • Falls detection
  • GPS location
  • 2-way hands free voice communication through the alarm
  • Splash resistant – Can be worn on a rainy day
  • Includes both lanyard and belt clip attachments

more about the Mobile Alarm

* Please note: Some falls may not be automatically detected by the alarm, for example, if you brace yourself, is the fall is broken by a chair or object, or if you slump or roll to the floor. If you’ve experienced a fall, we recommend that you activate the alarm with a short, sharp press of the button, just in case.

MePACS Solo Connect monitored personal alarm watch

Solo Connect watch alarm

The Solo Connect is a stylish personal alarm smart watch. Using innovative technology, it seamlessly integrates safety and style, allowing you to quickly connect to the MePACS 24/7 response centre with a single tap whenever you need emergency assistance.

Built on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, the Solo Connect combines the peace of mind of a monitored personal alarm with the look, functionality and safety features of a premium smart watch. The Solo Connect works on the Telstra 4G network, which means you can use anywhere in Australia where there’s good mobile phone coverage.

The Solo Connect is packed with features:

  • MePACS rapid emergency response technology
  • 2-way voice communication through the watch
  • Falls detection*
  • GPS location
  • 3-in-1 BioActive sensor with real-time ECG tracking to measure your heart rate and rhythm for any irregularities **
  • Track your health and fitness with a steps counter and calories monitor **
  • Body composition sensor **
  • Stress Monitor **
  • Water resistant (IP68 rated)
  • Premium sapphire crystal display with improved scratch resistance
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* Some falls may not activate the watch, for example: a slow slump or roll to the floor, if you brace yourself or if the fall is broken by an object such as a chair.
**  MePACS do not monitor the Samsung Wellness Apps.

Women in wheelchair wearing personal alarm

NDIS Funding for Personal Alarms

MePACS is a NDIS approved provider for personal alarms. Personal alarms have specific funding codes within the NDIA and funding can be used from the Consumables budget for low-risk, low-cost AT, or from ‘Core supports’. Your funding will depend on the setup of your plan and available funds.

If you have been approved for NDIS funding, please call us for NDIS specific pricing.

MePACS NDIS Provider Details:

MePACS Provider Number: 79282935
Provider Name on NDIS website: Peninsula Health

Category details:

Core Supports

Consumables or Low Risk but must say in the description Adaptive equipment needs. Assist Products for Personal Care and Safety (Daily adaptive equipment)
Item Number : 03_131_0103_1_1

Capital Support:

Assistive Technology / Personal Emergency alarm system
Item Number : 05_222718261_0103_1_2


Alarm modification accessories are available for people with mobility, dexterity or vision impairments.

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Feel free. Feel Safe.


Feel safer on the go with the MePACS Solo watch alarm.

A discreet personal alarm, the Solo smart watch is stylish and convenient for use at home or outdoors. Connected to the 4G mobile network, the Solo works almost anywhere in Australia.

We’re here if you need us, so you can do what you love with confidence.

What Our Clients Say

“I would definitely recommend MePACS to others, especially people like myself.” – Jess

Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Jess feels safer at home and away with her MePACS Home and Mobile Alarm, as she can signal for help to the MePACS emergency response service 24/7.

With trained response operators guaranteed to answer within two minutes, she and her family can now have the peace of mind they deserve.

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