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Disability and NDIS Personal Alarm Service

Keeping you independent and active with our 24/7 Personal Response Alarm System – Home and away

A MePACS personal alarm is ideal for people living with disabilities or chronic health conditions who want to feel independent and safe wherever they are. We have trained professionals available 24/7, guaranteed to respond to your alert if you need help. Allowing you to get the most out of life with peace of mind.

You can choose from a home, mobile or watch alarm to give you the confidence to get out and about knowing that help is available should you need it, at home or away.

MePACS is an approved NDIS provider. If you are eligible for funding, you can purchase your alarm via the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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Friendly and Efficient Staff

The human touch of MePACS ensures you are guaranteed a fast response at any time of the day or night.

Once you have pressed your button, our friendly team will respond within two minutes, assess the situation and organise the most appropriate help for you.

Unlike autodialler alarms, we are able to share the emergency information with 000 who can then prioritise the call to the client. 

MePACS is available 24/7, 365 days a year – this gives peace of mind to both you and your family, knowing that a reliable and trusted organisation is here to help.

Our personal alarm service offers:

  • Guaranteed 24/7 Fast Response
  • Consistent contact until help has arrived
  • Home and Mobile alarms
  • No NBN connection required
  • No lock-in contract
  • Key lock safes available
  • High levels of client satisfaction

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How Much Does it Cost?

Home Response Service

Great for use around the home and garden.

The Home Alarm comes with:

  • 24/7 Response by MePACS trained professionals
  • A waterproof wrist or neck pendant
  • Home base unit with two-way communication
  • Quick and simple one-touch activation
  • Falls pendant available
  • No additional phone charges
  • Monthly pendant testing
  • Accessories available

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Alarm Products Overview

Home & Mobile Package

Ideal for wearing to the shops, visiting friends, on a short walk or even on holiday in Australia.

The Mobile Alarm is only available to purchase with the MePACS Home Alarm.

The 4G MePACS Mobile Alarms come with:

  • Simple one-button activation
  • 24/7 Response by MePACS trained professionals
  • Fall Detection with alerts sent to MePACS*
  • GPS location technology
  • Two-way communication with MePACS
  • Splash proof design – can be worn on a rainy day
  • No additional phone charges
  • Mobile charging base unit
  • Belt clip and lanyard
  • Accessories available

Find out more about the MePACS Mobile Alarm

*It’s important to note that not all falls will activate the alarm. It may not be activated automatically if someone braces themselves, the fall is broken by a chair or object, and if they slump or roll to the floor. If able, the alarm should be activated with a short, sharp press of the button. You can read more into how the falls detection feature works here.

NEW: MePACS Solo Watch

NEW MePACS Solo on the Samsung Galaxy Watch


A stylish SOS personal alarm watch that works both at home & away, connected to the MePACS 24/7 personal alarm service.

The MePACS Solo Watch is packed with features, including two-way communication, GPS technology, falls detection** and a steps tracker. It is IP68 rated (fully water resistant), and can even tell the time.

It works off the Telstra mobile network and requires a strong mobile signal to work effectively.

All this in one single device. Ideal for seniors and people with disabilities, the MePACS Solo Watch supports an independent and active lifestyle with the peace of mind that if you need help, guaranteed assistance is on hand.

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**It’s important to note that not all falls will activate the watch. It may not be activated automatically if someone braces themselves, the fall is broken by a chair or object, and if they slump or roll to the floor. If able, the watch should be activated manually by tapping the alert icon or double pressing the ‘Alert Key’. You can read more into how the falls detection feature works here.

Feel safer in the community


Feel safer out and about in your community, knowing MePACS is available to help 24/7.

A discreet personal alarm in Rose Gold or Black, this wearable safety device is lightweight and convenient, designed with style and comfort in mind.

For people with disability, it’s a great safety companion for home and away.

We’ll watch out for your safety, so you can do what you love with confidence.

How It Works

press personal alarm icon

Press the button

Simply press the button on your pendant to call for help

speak to operator icon

Receive help

We will speak to you via the base unit within 2 minutes.

chat icon

We work out what you need

We’ll identify what help you need.

phone call icon

We take action

We’ll call your contact or emergency service

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Additional Details

One-off Installation Costs

  • Professional Installation – $140
    For metro areas and surrounds.  Regional areas may cost more based on the location and a quote can be provided.
  • Self Installation – $29 for one alarm / $39 for two alarms

If you have been approved for NDIS funding please call us for NDIS specific pricing. When requesting funding via the NDIS for a Personal Alarm you need to allocate the correct amount under: 

MePACS Provider Number – 79282935

Provider Name on NDIS website – Peninsula Health (MePACS is owned by Peninsula Health)

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What Our Clients Say

“I would definitely recommend MePACS to others, especially people like myself.” – Jess

Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Jess feels safer at home and away with her MePACS Home and Mobile Alarm, as she can signal for help to the MePACS emergency response service 24/7.

With trained response operators guaranteed to answer within two minutes, she and her family can now have the peace of mind they deserve.

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