12 Jan 23

Top tips to find a new hobby this year

Louise Westaway | Health & Wellbeing

With the new year comes fresh starts, and many of us will be looking for new things to try and new ways to reconnect with our community. So, this then begs the question:

How do I find a new hobby?

We spoke with some of our team here and came up with the following top tips:

1. Consider your current interests

Think about things you’re already interested in and see if you can find a way to turn them into hobbies. Love to sing in the shower? Maybe try joining a choir or take up singing lessons.

2. Ask friends and family what they do

Talk to your friends and family members about their hobbies. They may have some great ideas or be interested in trying something new with you.

3. Join a club or group

Look for local clubs or groups that focus on activities that interest you, such as a book club or walking group. Joining a group is a great way to meet like-minded people, build a new network and learn new skills.

4. Check online resources

There are many websites and online communities dedicated to specific hobbies, where you can find information and inspiration.

5. Take a class

Community centers, adult education programs, and even online courses offer classes on a wide range of subjects and hobbies. As an added benefit, learning new things also helps to keep our minds sharp and prevent cognitive decline.

6. Volunteer

Find something you’re passionate about and volunteer for organisations that align with your interests. Many local animal shelters rely on volunteers, as do community op shops, community centres and local clubs like the Lions and amateur sporting clubs.

7. Do something physical

Consider taking up an active hobby like hiking, biking or swimming. Not only will you have a new hobby, the health benefits of being physically active are well known.

8. Try different things

Experiment with different activities to find something that interests you. Remember it’s okay if not all hobbies stick, it’s the process of trying and experimenting that’ll eventually lead you to finding one that you truly enjoy.

And if you’re asking yourself why it’s important to have hobbies, check out our article on why it’s important to stay active in the community.