MePACS Installation Guide – Home Care Package Providers


Prior to install you must:

1. Submit application for your client via the website or call 1800 685 329. 
You will receive an email confirmation within 1-2 business days that your client has been set up.


2. Take the MePACS Alarm to client’s home to install.
Ensure only the Case/Manager/HCP carries out the installation. Do not give to the client/family member to install.

Follow these instructions before calling MePACS:

MePACS panic button

1.  Find a location for the alarm base unit on a flat clear surface. It should be central area near a power point i.e. in the living room.

MePACS antenna

2. Screw the aerial into the back of the alarm base unit.


MePACS on off switch

3.  Before the unit is plugged in, switch the alarm on with the button under the unit.


MePACS alarm charging

4. Plug the home base unit into the power point.

Wait until the unit says “Unit Disarmed.” This could take a few minutes.


MePACS cancel button

5. Press the green button and a number between 0-9 will be displayed (this is the signal strength). If the number is less than 3 move the unit to another area in the house where the signal strength may be better.

call button

6.  Test the Alarm: Press the red CALL button and the alarm should make a series of beeping sounds.

MePACS Health Care Professionals

7. Test range: Press the pendant(s) in each of these locations and the alarm unit should make a sound and the pendant light will also turn on.

  • Clothes line
  • Back fence
  • Shed
  • Letter box


After completing the above steps, call MePACS on 1800 572 177 (from a mobile phone or cordless landline) advising of the client details and alarm unit number, which can be found on the bottom of the unit beginning with ‘M…’

MePACS Personal Alarm Installation Guide for Home Care Providers

MePACS membership card

Advising the client

After installation, you need to advise the client:

  • How to operate alarm & pendants
  • That they need to do a pendant test every month. Write the test day (i.e. 18th) on the card inside the front cover of their Welcome Pack. This card is designed to be put on the fridge or in a wallet as a reminder.
  • How to carry out the pendants testing each month.
  • What the pendants range is.
  • If signed up to Daily Calls – Ask the customer to press the red button between 6am-11am each day.

To download and print the Self-Installation guide for Home Care Providers click on the button below:

HCP Self Installation Guide