Self-Installation Guide for HCP Providers

MePACS Home Alarm system

Self-Installation is quick and easy

This step-by-step self-installation guide takes you through the process of installing the MePACS Home Alarm system for your client.
It is designed for Case Managers and HCP Providers only. Please do not provide this guide to the client or their family.

The Home Alarm System must be installed at the client’s home. Once installed, the base unit should not be moved without first contacting MePACS.

Prior to installing:

1. Place an order

You can place an order online here, or call us on 1800 685 329.
Once your order has been submitted, you will receive an email to confirm that your client has been set up.

For more information visit our HCP Providers HUB →

2. Have your mobile phone ready

The setup includes testing from different locations inside and outside the house, so you will need a mobile phone or a cordless telephone to perform the installation. 

Getting started:

Base unit Base unit aerial On Off button Power source for base unit
1. Base unit placement

Place the base unit on a flat surface near a power point in a central location of the home, such as the kitchen or living room.

2. Attach aerial

Screw the aerial into the top of the base unit,

3. Turn it on

Before the base unit is plugged in, switch on the button on the bottom of the base unit.

4.  Plug it in

Plug the base unit into the power point. The unit will display ‘PE’. Once it’s connected to the mobile network (1-2 minutes) it will announce ‘Unit Disarmed’ and ‘PE’ will clear.

base unit green button Base unit red button Home alarm pendant  
5. Test the signal strength

Press the Green button and a number between 0-9 will be displayed.
If the number is less than 3 move the unit to another area in the house where the signal strength may be better.

6. Test the alarm

Press the Red button. You should hear a series of beeps.

7. Test the pendant range

Press the button on the pendant outside the home including the Mailbox, clothesline, back fence and shed.
When within range, the pendant light will show red (Green is out of range) and the base unit should beep.


8. Contact MePACS Help Desk

After completing the above steps, call MePACS Help Desk on 1800 572 177 (from a mobile phone or cordless landline).
Please have the client details and the base unit number ready.

* The base unit number can be found on the bottom of the unit beginning with ‘M…’

Download HCP Self Installation Guide


Information for your client

After the installation is complete, please take time to show your client how to properly use and operate the alarm, including:

  • How to wear the pendant, including in the shower/bath
  • How and when to press the button on the pendant
  • The usable range of the pendant
  • How to perform the monthly pendant test
  • If applicable, how to do the Daily Call, and what happens if they miss it
MePACS-membership-card with monthly testing date

The Monthly Pendant Test

Testing the alarm pendant once a month helps to identify potential issues, but also helps the client feel more confident with the alarm, making it second nature when there’s an actual emergency.

  • The test should be done on the same date each month.
    We suggest using the client’s birthday as the monthly date, since it will be easier for them to remember.
  • Use the membership card inside the MePACS Welcome Booklet to write the date for the monthly test.
  • Place the card on the fridge as a reminder.
  • To conduct the test the client has to press the button on the pendant and hold for 3 seconds. When MePACS responds just say that this is a test.
  • As part of our duty of care, MePACS may contact clients if their monthly testing is overdue.

The Daily Call

If the client has signed up for Daily Call, they must press the red ‘CALL’ button on the base unit every day between 6am-11am.
MePACS can set up a reminder for the Daily Call at the same time each morning. Talk to our Help Desk on 1800 572 177 to set up a time that is convenient for the client.

If the client missed the Daily Call:

MePACS will try to contact the client after 11am to confirm they are okay. If the client doesn’t respond we will contact their nominated contacts. If we can’t reach the client or their contacts, we will get emergency services to conduct a welfare check on them.

Base unit red button

Step-by-Step Video Guide

This useful video guide will walk you through each stage of the self-installation process.