30 Oct 18

“I was getting worse as the seconds went by. I pressed my alarm and MePACS was so quick to respond.”- Jan

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Jan was rushed by ambulance to hospital some 4 years ago after lying on floor for a few hours calling out for help. This was when she decided she needed the reassurance of the MePACS service. Jan now lives independently in her own home, knowing that she is safe and secure with the help of her MePACS alarm.

Jan had never needed to press her MePACS button, until the morning of October 6, 2018.

“I was in a bad way”, said Jan. “I couldn’t move and I could hardly breathe, I was getting worse as the seconds went by and I knew that I needed an ambulance. I reached for my MePACS alarm, as there was no way I could reach my phone. I pressed the blue button on my alarm and the MePACS operator was so quick to respond. Within 30 seconds, I spoke to someone at MePACS who said she would call my son and an ambulance right away. Within 10 minutes, both my son and the ambulance had arrived at almost the same time.”

After speaking with the MePACS operator, I felt such reassurance that help was on its way.


I was bed ridden in hospital for 6 days. I had to have an atrial fibrillation to get my heart back into rhythm.

I am now back home and able to walk independently again. I know that the MePACS alarm is there for a sense of security, if I have any future falls or medical emergencies I will not hesitate to press the alarm.”

There was no way I could have reached for my phone and called the ambulance myself. I have the MePACS team to thank for sending help so quickly.


I feel better knowing that I have the MePACS alarm. My family are also very happy; they too have peace of mind knowing that I feel safe and secure at home. I would most definitely recommend MePACS and I have already recommended it to a few of the ladies that I catch the shopping bus with.” – Jan, MePACS client.

mepacs elderly medical personal alarm

Jan and her family have peace of mind now Jan has the MePACS 24/7 response service


MePACS alarm service  – Helping elderly Australians live independently for longer

By providing 24/7 personally answered support, MePACS ensures that their members will never be without assistance or a reassuring voice. Plus, users have the confidence of knowing that if help is required, MePACS will call a nominated contact or 000, who can use information from MePACS to prioritise the emergency call.

Home and Away, You’re Safer with MePACS.

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