25 Feb 19

“I believe MePACS saved my life.” – Judith

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I Believe MePACS Saved My Life

Judith is 74 years old and lives alone in a miner’s cottage on a 5 and a half acre block in the Yarra Valley. Judith was hanging out her washing when she had a serious fall, braking her arm and dislocating her shoulder.

“I purchased the MePACS mobile alarm as I needed to feel safe and secure in the community”.

“MePACS response staff were wonderful, they responded instantly which calmed me down, they were kind and clear with their instructions. They rang the ambulance and updated me with the how far away the ambulance were.

I was in hospital for 6 days and have continued to have care since returning home.”

“I definitely believe the MePACS mobile alarm saved my life. If I hadn’t had the MePACS alarm it could have been up to 36 hours until someone had found me.”

“I feel free to get out and about, I don’t always need to stay home. Wherever I go I know have the safety of my MePACS alarm there. My family also feel very reassured that I have the extra security, especially after the response I received from MePACS.”

“I would certainly recommend MePACS to others. I always say you need a MePACS mobile alarm” said Judith.

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