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Do you know someone who could benefit from the MePACS service?

Your friend will have the benefit of knowing if they fall or feel unwell help is only the press of a button away. They’ll be responded to by our friendly team based in Australia anytime day or night, within 2 minutes.

Refer them to MePACS and if they take up the service we will offer them a FREE self-installation.


To find out more or to arrange for an alarm to be sent out to you or a friend, call us on 1800 685 329.

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The MePACS fast response personal alarm service is designed for senior Australians, those with chronic conditions or recovering from surgery to keep them safe and independent in their own homes. If you fall, have an accident or feel unwell help is just the press of one button away. Giving you a guaranteed response within 2 minutes from a real person.

The MePACS Personal Alarms are available as a home only alarm or both home and mobile alarms – giving you peace of mind when you are at home and when out and about.

How It Works

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Press the button

Simply press the button on your pendant to send a call to our response centre

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Receive help

We will speak to you via the base unit within 2 minutes.

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We work out what you need

We’ll identify what help you need.

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We take action

We’ll call your contact or emergency services


mepacs personal alarms home and mobile alarms

How Much Does it Cost?

Home Response Service
Price – $39 a month inc GST + Installation

Great for use around the home and garden.

The Home Alarm comes with:

  • A quick and simple one button activation wrist or neck pendant
  • Home base unit with two way communication so no need to get to a phone
  • Waterproof pendants so they can be worn in the bath or shower
  • No additional phone charges
  • Monthly pendant testing for your safety
mepacs home and mobile unit

Home & Mobile Response Service

Price – $51 a month + $385 one-off fee for mobile alarm inc GST + Installation

Ideal for those who like to get out of the house to visit the shops, library, friends, go walking or even on holiday in Australia.
The Home and Mobile Alarms come with:

  • Quick and simple one button activation on both the home & mobile alarms
  • Neck or wrist Home pendant and Mobile alarm unit
  • Home base unit and Mobile unit with two way communication so no need to get to a phone
  • GPS locator in Mobile alarm
  • Waterproof home pendants and splash proof mobile alarm
  • No additional phone charges
  • Monthly pendant testing for your safety
  • Mobile charging base unit
  • Belt clip and lanyard

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Other Services

Daily Call
Price – $6 additional a month

For additional peace of mind, if you choose this service we ask you to press the daily call button on your alarm between 6am – 11am each day to let us know you are up and about. If we do not hear from you we will contact you to check you’re okay.

Mobile Upgrade
If you are an existing MePACS Home Customer you can upgrade to the Mobile Alarm for $12 more a month + $385 inc GST for Mobile Unit

One-off Installation Costs

  • Professional Installation  – $140
  • Self Installation – $29 for one alarm / $39 for two alarms (Free self-installation if you quote RAF20)

Professional installation only available in certain areas.  Please contact us for availability on 1800 685 329

Our Clients

My MePACS Mobile Alarm Saved My Life

Judith was in the backyard of her five and half acre property in the Yarra Valley, when all of a sudden she lost her footing and fell to the ground. “I couldn’t move or get up. I am so glad I had my MePACS mobile alarm on me”. recalled Judith.  “I had dislocated my shoulder and broken my arm”

Judith lives alone, so nobody knew she was seriously injured. “If I didn’t have my MePACS alarm, it may have been up to 24 or even 36 hours until someone may have found me, I definitely believe that MePACS saved my life.”

Judith, Victoria.

What our clients say

“Thanks to MePACS, we’ve all got great peace of mind.”

Val is 77 years young and certainly appreciates the MePACS service. She knows she is safe and secure with her MePACS personal alarm at home.

“MePACS are there 24/7 – if you have a medical emergency, you never have to wait long and someone is there within seconds.”

Click here to read Val’s story

"I want to stay living at home as I like to be independent and MePACS allows me to do that. Without my alarm, I don't know what I would've done, it saved my life!"
"I now feel safe & more secure when I leave the home. I now feel like I can go out down the road to meet my friends for coffee & walking in the park"
"Before I got the MePACS mobile alarm I used to feel uneasy when I was going out, now I feel secure and quite confident. It has done marvels for my family"
"I definitely believe MePACS saved my life - If I didn't have my MePACS mobile alarm on me when I fell, it may have been days until someone had realised something was wrong!"
"It's great we can share the MePACS Mobile so my wife can use it when she pops to the shops and I'm at home."
Alfred & Mary-Ann