07 Nov 21

“Getting the MePACS Solo is the best thing I’ve done for my freedom.” – Val

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With a love of the outdoors and keeping active, our client Val can now enjoy her leisure time even more with the constant support of MePACS.

Knowing that she wanted to feel safer at home and in her community, Val used her Home Care Package funds, managed by VMCH, for a MePACS Solo watch and Home Alarm bundle.

“I have the best of both worlds with the MePACS Solo and Home alarm,” she said.

“The watch is comfortable on my wrist and because it’s water-resistant and has GPS technology, I can wear it when I exercise, go to the shops and even once I swim again at the local pool. At home, I simply put the Solo on charge at night and swap over to the home pendant – it’s so good to be able to choose.”

In her 70s, Val is a burst of energy and enthusiasm and has such a positive outlook on life. She likes to keep active, sociable and greatly values her independence.

She is even more motivated to exercise than usual, with the MePACS Solo sending reminders to move and maintain her healthy lifestyle.

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“Getting the MePACS Solo is the best thing I’ve done for my freedom and fitness.”

Client Val with MePACS Home Alarm “It does make me feel very safe, especially when I am out. Since receiving the Solo, I’ve been for more walks around my neighbourhood and I know I’m covered if I have a fall – all I have to do is tap the watch face and MePACS will answer in what feels like no time at all.”

“I was reading a book the other day when the watch reminded me to be up and about – I had to laugh, it was like my own little fitness coach. I like to do a bit of physical exercise every day even if it’s just around the house or in the garden.

And when I say every step counts, I mean it quite literally. The watch can track my steps and heart rate, so I can be more aware of how exercising impacts my body.” 



“I live alone and it is very comforting to know I’ve got 24/7 access and care from the MePACS response team. They are so friendly and never mind if I accidentally send a signal for help – at least we both know I’m okay and I can go about the rest of my day with ease.”

Val’s daughter Leanne agrees that since her mum has the MePACS Solo, her whole family are assured that her mum’s safety is prioritised.

“It just gives us reassurance that if she has a fall or medical emergency when she is out, there is a service like MePACS who are guaranteed to answer if she signals for help. My sister and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending MePACS to others. The fact that the Solo watch is so accessible and portable for mum means she can keep doing what she loves without worry.”

VMCH is a renowned Victorian home care provider, giving seniors the care and support to be independent and stay in their own homes for longer. Tracey Cairns is Val’s home care manager and says more clients like Val would benefit from having a MePACS personal alarm and the 24/7 response service available.

“Knowing that there is 24-hour monitoring from MePACS is highly regarded for our clients and families. We have a lot of clients who live alone and have a history of falls, so it’s great that they can call for assistance from a professional response team when they need to.”

“It’s wonderful that Val feels safer when she goes out as she has a high falls risk. She has been going out for more walks, which is particularly beneficial during lockdown, and to her the MePACS Solo looks and feels just like another piece of jewellery. Some clients refuse to wear their personal alarms outside as they are obvious and cumbersome, but that’s not the case with this personal alarm watch.”

Val is bright and bubbly, and now she has the peace of mind that she deserves.

“I have the confidence to go anywhere with MePACS watching out for me.”

The MePACS Solo watch is a personal alarm for people who enjoy an active and social life. For more information call 1800 685 329 or Join Now