Having the MePACS service is peace of mind for both us and our family...


25 Sep 19

“Having the MePACS service is peace of mind for both us and our family.” – Ern & Mae

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Ern and Mae are in their early 90s and live in their own home, independently in Geelong.

In September 2018, Ern and Mae joined the MePACS Home and Mobile alarm service as they knew they needed some extra support around the home and also when they were out and about.

Our family needed reassurance and peace of mind that we were safe in our own home as well as when we go out – that’s when we decided the MePACS Personal Alarm was the right support for us.

We both wear a MePACS pendent around the home and we also share a mobile personal alarm when we leave the home. We are very busy people and like to socialise in the local community so we were keen to have the extra support of the mobile alarm when we were out and about” said Mae.

We are so relieved to have the extra support from MePACS.

Both Ern and Mae have used their MePACS alarm on several occasions.

Mae recalls a time when she fell at home and collapsed hard on the floor, struck down with the flu. She pressed her MePACS alarm and help was called quickly, where she was taken to hospital and placed in isolation for a week.

“I pressed my alarm as the top half of body was in so much pain and I was having trouble breathing. The MePACS monitor answered immediately and an ambulance was called and arrived very quickly” said Mae.

Ern tripped over the hose in the back garden and couldn’t get up.

“I couldn’t get up, I pressed my MePACS alarm and you answered so quickly and arranged an ambulance for me. You also called my daughter who arrived shortly after the paramedics got there, which was very reassuring.”

We don’t know what we would do without the MePACS service. The staff are fabulous and we cannot fault them.

MePACS takes the stress out of us. We are all so relieved to have the extra support and reassurance and it means our youngest daughter who lives 10 minutes away doesn’t need to worry as much. Having the MePACS service is peace of mind for both us and our family.

“We would recommend MePACS to anyone, we say you are foolish if you don’t have a MePACS personal alarm– Ern and Mae, Geelong.

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