20 Feb 19

Sarah from Clinical Labs Testimonial

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Don’t hesitate to press that MePACS button, at the end of the day you want to go home to your family


Sarah is a Pathology Collector at Clinical Labs and works alone at a stand alone centre. She see’s many members of the general public, dealing with their anxieties and vulnerabilities which also place her in a very vulnerable situation. Sarah has no other support other than that of her MePACS duress alarm.

My MePACS Duress Alarm de-escalated the emergency situation

Sarah recalls when she needed the assistance of her MePACS alarm; A patient who Sarah’s sees on a regular basis became agitated, it quickly became an emergency situation. I was concerned for the other patients in the room.”

“When I pressed my MePACS alarm it de-escalated the situation and the patient ran out of the building, I could then lock the door and keep ourselves safe.”

“Having pressed my MePACS alarm, it gave me reassurance to know that I could come back into work the next day.

“If I could give my colleagues any advice, it would be that the MePACS alarm has to be the first thing you put on when you walk into the office each day and don’t hesitate to press that MePACS button. At the end of the day you want to go home to your family” said Sarah.

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Sarah is a lone worker at Clinical Labs